is town of olds alberta good place to live?

i wantt to know about malls,people,high school,education,music shops,parks etc

please help me i really need this.

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    What a fantastic question that I'm pleased to Answer. I've lived in Olds Alberta for about 10 years now and I've seen in grow and prosper over the years. It has a small town feel with all the big city amenities.

    Malls and Shopping: The Town of Olds has a quaint historical Uptowne Olds area where you can find shops carrying any number of fun and exciting treasures for all ages. We have some niche stores for young people including a skateboard shop and clothing/jewellery/and piercing shops. We also have some fun gift shops, clothing shops, and electronic shops to browse around. We also have a retail area in town that carries a lot of the box stores you would find in the city including stores like Stiches, Canadian Tire, Edo, Gamestop, etc.

    High School: Olds is unique in that it's one of the first campuses in Alberta to combine the High School with the college. The new facility just opened up this spring and sports smart boards in each classroom, along with access to laptops as well as computers in quads that they can do homework and work. In the quads there is leather chairs, couches, full kitchens where students can eat and relax. Each quad has at least 6 computer set up for students. The way they teach is different as well in that it's more student driven with more choice in how they complete their work. If you're in Grade 11 or 12 you can opt to take college course that will get you credit in High school as well as college at the same time making it possible to graduate from high school with a diploma or certificate. There is opportunities for Video conferencing learning. For example they VC'd down to someone in the Gulf of Mexico about the BP crisis. The list goes on! It's a fantastic School.

    Music: There is a huge music scene in Olds, There is a fine arts centre as part of the Community Learning Campus that hosts a number of concerts. There are opportunities for Drama and musical theatre galore. There is a Kiwanis Music festival each year that the whole community gets into. We have Tracks Neighbourhood pub that hosts live music each week as well as independent groups that bring in bands. We have a Mountain View Music Festival each year that happens just 10 min down the road. Trooper coming to town hosted by the Olds Ag Society.

    Parks: We have a park in the centre of town which is currently being added too in the form of a skate board park. We also have an environmental reserve with pathways to walk down. The town is working on pathway connectivity so there will be a network of pathways for walking, biking, and enjoying.

    Library: There is a new library opening up in November 2010 with all the latest technologies available for the community. Along with traditional computer access including updated technologies the library will continue to offer wifi access to it's residents all free of charge. There will also be video conferencing facilities available in the larger board room and the small study room. The library is connected to the Alberta SuperNet Fiber Optic system making the internet connection stable and FAST. There is a TeenZone as well as gaming on the wii and PS3 available at the library as well. The revitalized library will be a site to hold and hopefully a hub in the community.

    We also have a group in town working on a Fibre to the Home project which will not only bring fibre to the edge of your neighbourhood like we are seeing in cities right now but it will bring the fibre optic cable directly to your house! Bandwidth will never be and issue again for your home or business when this project is up and running. Whether you want to download movies, play video games, watch HD television streaming from the internet, or run the larger business programs your experience will be seamless.

    I could go on for hours but clearly Olds is THE place to live. The people in Olds work hard and care about the community. We know how to have fun and we know how to build our community up! I absolutely recommend you move here!

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    Town Of Olds Alberta

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    yea its alright mall wise well they have a stiches and a walmart plus some other shops, nothing special, but you're pretty close to red deer which has two malls and edmonton and clagary so west ed, and cross iron mills high school/ education wise: the high school is pretty typical as i can recall, i have never gone there but my sister did music shops: not sure, but again, you're close to red deer so if you can drive no problem girls: hahaha um... not sure i dont live there but for the third time close to the city, and also small towns around olds parks: it's pretty rural, so it's nice looking, praire stuff you know close ish to the red deer river which is really nice, and dickson dam, and fairly close to the rockie mountains

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    I don't think people in the United States section can help you very much on that one...

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