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J.O.N.A.S tv show? What happened?

Before J.O.N.A.S aired for the first time, the Jonas Brothers said that the show would be about spies and stuff.What happened to that idea??

Plus, they were like:

We already started filming and our favourite scenes are when we get to kick the bad guy butts.


I looooooove the Jonas Brothers, they're like my idols, but did they lie??????

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    They didn't. The show's format (basic premise) got changed in the middle of production into the sitcom that eventually got on the air.

    The footage that was shot in the original espionage format was shelved.

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    Perhaps The Disney Channel didn't think that The Jonas Brothers were good enough actors to pull off the original concept and figured they'd be better off basically playing themselves(not much acting ability involved there)

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    They didn't lie. The writers or producers or whatever just abandoned the idea.

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