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Ladies- why can't I use a tampon?

I'm 15, I should be able to do this.

The first time I tried (I was probably 12 or 13) I pretty much fainted. I was able to get it so I could go to a pool party and that was the only time I was able to do it comfortably.

I've tried a few times since then. The most successful I guess was about a year ago when I was at a hotel and wanted to go swimming. I had to have my mom in the bathroom with me so she could put cold water on my neck when I was about to faint. It wasn't in very comfortable though, I could still feel it in me. All of the more "successful" attempts I've had I've still been able to feel the tampon and it's uncomfortable.

I tried again today (alone, haha.) and I was actually able to get the applicator in without feeling faint. It was extremely uncomfortable and I started to plunge but it was just too uncomfortable and it stung so I tried a couple more times and gave up.

Why can't I do it?

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    Megan - why should you be able to do it?

    Using a tampon isn't a sign of maturity, in fact it's more mature not to use a tampon given the health risks and other issues involved, with so many better options available to you such as menstrual cups, softcups, pads, period panites, etc. there is no need for you to use tampons so don't let it get to you if you can't use tampons - that's not a bad thing!

    Have you considered using other options?

    If pads work for you then stick with pads, if uncomfortable with the pads you're using know that there are different types of pads that can be more comfortable than brands like Always, and if you want to use something internal try something like menstrual cups - a small brand such as a small Ladycup, or go for a brand like Moon Cup who offer a money back guarantee if you find they're not for you. Cups are safer and cleaner than tampons, more convenient, more reliable, more comfortable, and as they're smooth and flexible they're easier to use.

    If determined to keep trying tampons...

    ...bear in mind that your vagina isn't supposed to have tampons in them.

    Tampons are dry and absorbent where as your vagina is moist and delicate, when used they cause dryness and during insertion there is friction which can make them uncomfortable or painful to use. At your age your vagina will be more delicate, it will also be more sensitive to chemicals found in some tampons - it may well be that you're allergic to the chemicals in the tampons you're using.

    Use cotton tampons.

    Brand such as Cottons, Natracare or Seventh Generation - all these are made of cotton which is softer than rayon used in brands like Tampax so slightly easier to insert, these also do not contain chemicals so they're safer and won't cause irritation or sensitivity. These tampons are also non-applicator - this is a good thing! - applicator tampons are not made to make insertion easier, applicator are easier as they're less complicated, give more control over depth and direction, also they have rounder tips, all this makes them easier to use.

    Don't keep trying!

    Well, do, but don't keep trying straight after a failed attempt. For a start your vagina will already be damaged from the first attempt, the more you try inserting the dry tampon into the already damaged vaginal entrance the more damage it'll be doing due to friction. You'll also be getting yourself frustrated, when you're tense your vaginal muscles tense, making insertion difficult. If you can't do it then remove the tampon and try again with a fresh tampon another day.


    You should NEVER use tampons when not on your period or during very light flow, the first time you should try during a heavier flow - also remember to always use lowest absorbency. You can also use lubrication such as KY jelly or olive oil to make insertion easier. Masturbation helps too as when aroused your vagina relaxes, lubricates, opens and increases in size - this is how nature prepares your vagina for penetration during sex so there is no pain or damage, the same idea holds true for making it easier to insert the tampon. You may also want to try laying down to insert the tampon, as well as more comfortable it prevents you hurting yourself if you do faint.


    Remember your vagina and your menstrual flow are clean, in fact your vagina is cleaner than your mouth and it is yours to touch just like any other part of your body. You struggle with tampon insertion, but how about your fingers? Try using your fingers to feel inside your vagina so you get used ot the sensation of something inside your vagina, in a non-sexual way, it also allows you to feel how your vagina curves so you know which direction to put the tampon.

    If you still have problem's then you will just have to come to terms with the fact you can't use tampons, like I said THAT'S NOT A BAD THING!! There are plenty of other options so don't worry. If you find it's not just tampons you have a problem inserting then you may have something known as Vaginismus or your hymen may be too thick and/or covering too much of your vaginal opening, but there are ways of dealing with that too, see the following articles;

    The FBI Files: Vaginismus -

    My Corona: The Anatomy Formerly Known as the Hymen & the Myths That Surround It -

    Instructions on how to insert tampons -

    Source(s): Personal experience, and work within sexual health.
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    Maybe you are not comfortable enough with your body to use a tampon. You need to make sure you are completely relaxed. And are comfortable with putting things where they need to go (If you know what I mean)...Take deep breaths if you need to. Sometimes it helps if you put one leg up on the toilet, to open it up a little more down there...And I would suggest using the smallest size you can, like a light flow because they are much easier to get in for beginners. The only problem I have is, is that I bleed right through the tampons in water :/ So I pretty much can't swim or be in the water when I'm on my period.

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    Try to relax. If you are tense and stressed about it you will feel faint and too tight to get it in. Relax about it and look at the instructions in the box. I personally put it in when seated but I noticed the instructions say to put your foot up on the toilet. Try it both ways and see what is easier for you. If you haven't done so already, get to know your body a bit. That will help you to know how it should sit.

    Also try a different type of tampon. Make sure you are using a smaller one. Plastic applicators are easier to use. Make sure you pull the entire applicator out. If it's not sitting at the right angle, not all the way in, or part of the applicator doesn't come out you will feel uncomfortable.

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    I kinda of have the feeling that maybe your doing the same thing that I use to do and that is possibly placing it inside straight up instead of at a slant...if you place it in, going into the right direction it goes towards your back a little...just take a look at the picture...yeah you shouldn't feel it at all. If that doesn't work unless there is something else that is the problem I think you should just be patience sometimes it just takes practice good luck! Just because you got it in doesn't mean it was put in right and that's why it is still uncomfortable.

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    If the tampon is inserted far enough into your vagina, it will not touch your vaginal muscles, and will feel comfortable. If you are inserting it high enough but you still feel discomfort, then perhaps your vagina is too short for this type of tampon. Try using Tampax PEARL tampons. This tampon is shorter than the other tampons we make. The Pearl Lites absorbency is the shortest, but other absorbencies may also be comfortable due to a new smart tampon design. Also try other brands. If they still hurt, then perhaps you should discuss this with your gynecologist.

    Good luck, Your BEINGgirl Experts

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    You're either doing it wrong or you're using the wrong kind of tampon.

    There are direction on the box how to get it in comfortably. You'll feel it and it will be uncomfortable if it's not in far enough.

    They sell "teen" tampons on the market that are slimmer and more comfortable for teenagers to use. I recommend giving those a try.

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    Maybe your not putting it in the right hole. a tampon shouldn't sting when you are putting it in you shouldn't even feel it. maybe have your mom do it for you? I'm 13 and I can get it in fine. maybe see a doctor or something. GOOD LUCKK! hope i helped:)

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    Maybe it's just how you are -- not everyone can do it, believe it or not! It's just an alternative, and maybe as you get older, it'll become easier. Don't worry about it, and don't push yourself to use them if it's uncomfortable for you.

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    I can't, either. Every woman is different.

    I tried to once to swim, but I couldn't. So I don't even bother with it anymore. I'm roughly your age.

    It's not too big of a deal.

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