for a person with almost early stage of Parkinson, i mean just moving and shaking hands and arm even he is sle?

hands and arms, even when he is sleeping , is acupuncture a useful way for him? he is 70 now.

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    There is not much documented about acupuncture and positive results. There was a report of a permanent ear acupuncture helping to relieve symptoms but after initial reports, there isn't much reported.

    It is unusual for a PwP (person with Parkinson's) to be symptomatic while asleep. How positive are you of the diagnosis? Have you discussed RLS and/or Essential Tremor with your husband's neurologist?

    Are his symptoms alcohol responsive? That is after a drink do the tremors stop? If so, it is more likely that he has a form of Essential Tremor. You can read more about the variety of motion disorders at If you register - it's free - you can even join the discussion boards to ask questions. Look at the left column to select another condition:

    Let's assume that the diagnosis is correct and your husband is atypical and manifesting symptoms in his sleep. There could be other reasons for these tremors. You didn't mention his medications, other physical conditions, Nutritional supplements. Exercise or Caffeine intake before bedtime. All of these things can contribute to tremors while sleeping.

    While dehydration can become a problem in PD especially as the disease progresses and there are incontinence issues, urinary frequency, urinary hesitancy. People in those situations do tend to lower their fluid intake in order to reduce the embarrassing issues. The result can be what appears to be a much more rapid progression of the PD when in fact it is the devastating effects of dehydration.

    PD is not considered to be caused by a gradual dehydrating effect of lowered fluid intake but rather an issue created by genito-urinary symptoms, by prostate issues, by the stiffening of the body which also make swallowing more difficult and choking much more possible. It is a serious issue no matter what the cause as it can cause serious cognitive decline.

    The saline state of the cells is problematic in PD. PD is - in essence - an accelerated aging. The cells would do better to return to a more saline state from their aging calcium state. Currently there is research to develop a calcium channel blocker which targets the proper CA channel. There are blockers which come close - my husband takes one (he has both PD and a cardiac condition) These blocker do not appear to reverse progression but they may help to slow it. Slowed progression is not something that can be measured on an individual basis but rather in a broad study with controls or with a delayed start of groups.

    It is very important that your husband be on the best combined course of medication, nutritional supplements, exercise regimen, massage therapy, diet, sun exposure. This program will be designed specifically for him with input from both you and your husband and his doctors. There is no one-size-fits-all in PD treatment. While it might feel reassuring to have someone else design everything, you will need to supply feedback, keep a few charts and request adjustments when problems arise. PD is no easy journey.

    I'm not saying that you shouldn't try more conventional acupuncture if you can find a well recommended therapist, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it. And if it helps, please let me know.

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