the 1971,singerDon MacLeansang a song about 'the day the music died' this was a tribute to----------?

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    The song is a triute to Buddy Holly and a recounting of "The Day the Music Died" — the 1959 plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper. In the song lyrics there are numerous references to many songs >>>>> Notable references in the song

    Ritchie Valens

    The Big Bopper

    Buddy Holly

    The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost

    María Elena Holly - his widowed bride

    "(Who Wrote) The Book of Love" - The Monotones

    "Lonely Teenager" - Dion

    "(White Sport Coat and a) Pink Carnation" - Marty Robbins

    Bob Dylan - the jester

    Elvis Presley - the king

    Connie Francis or Queen Elizabeth II - the queen

    James Dean

    Vladimir Lenin - However, Official Lyrics show this to be John Lennon, a play on words

    Karl Marx - Could also be Groucho Marx

    The Beatles - The Quartet

    "Helter Skelter" - Charles Manson

    "Eight Miles High" - The Byrds

    "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" - (The Marching Band) - The Beatles- ( the seargents played a marching tune)

    The Space Race - "A generation lost in space"

    The Rolling Stones - Jack Flash and "moss grows fat on a Rolling Stone"

    Mick Jagger - Satan

    Hell's Angels

    Altamont Free Concert

    Janis Joplin or Billie Holiday - Girl Who Sang the Blues

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    Buddy Holly

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