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rate my nhl 10 team out of 10?

3rd year so everyone is pretty advanced

dustin brown (87) kyle turris (89) bobby Ryan (89)

max pacciorety (87) stephan leclaire (88)

milan lucic (83) phil kessel (88) chris stewart (86)

derek boogard (77) steve ott(80) cam jansen (79)

drew doughty (89) Jack Johnson (87)

zach bogosian (87) Eric Johnson (88)

garnet exelby (79) matt greene (83)

carey price (90)

this will be my last year with this team though because i am in a heap of cap trouble (no suprise)


i forgot to say my 2nd line right wing is peter meuller (87)

Update 2:

i forgot to say my 2nd line right wing is peter meuller (87)

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    not even kidding.. possibly one of my dream teams. I like how your team is made of all canadians and americans lol. umm, 1st line is beastly, second like i think your missing a forward but yeah, i live in montreal and love pacioretty. Dont know who you traded him for but wtv, nice addition of course. Second line is just beast and fourth i love because its a tank checking line.

    Defensive pairing is also wowow. dude:

    doughty: 2nd ovrl

    Johnson: 3rd ovrl

    Bogosian: 3rd ovrl

    Johnson: 1st overall

    thats some intense depth!

    As for Price, yeah, he'll be a beast here in montreal 2-3 years from now.

    So ill give you like, 9.9/10.. thats 0.1 missing is so that ppl dont complain about a perfect score.

    Beautiful lineup

  • 1 decade ago

    whatever you do keep kyle turris. I am in my 8th year and he is a 96 lol

    Great team, but your going to have a lot of cap problems because players like turris ryan max kessel the 2 johnsons doughty bogosian and leclaire will all become 90's, and ask for a s***load of money

    you'll have to trade some of them. In my opinion, i would keep Turris, Ryan, Pacciorety, Doughty, and the Johnsons. I've played for 8 seasons, and these players are great. (92+) TRADE FOR 1ST ROUND DRAFT PICKS. In the later seasons, draft picks are huge and only get payed 0.9m. Another thing to remember is that on the 1st day of free agency, sort the players by potential. You will always find a 83-86 with B potential and they are always unsigned draft picks.

    I know i have been rambling ahahah but it is helpful lol. Good team though especially with that bruiser 4th line ahaha.

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    You forgot a winger on the second line but overall it is a good team

    9 out of 10

    You should get rid of some of your 3rd liners to clear cap space like you don't need a 3rd line center that is 88 overall

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    even with you do keep kyle turris. i'm in my 8th 12 months and he's a ninety six lol great team, yet your going to have a great style of cap subject concerns via fact game enthusiasts like turris ryan max kessel the two johnsons doughty bogosian and leclaire will all replace into ninety's, and ask for a s***load of money you will might choose to commerce somewhat some them. in my view, i might keep Turris, Ryan, Pacciorety, Doughty, and the Johnsons. i've got have been given performed for 8 seasons, and those game enthusiasts are great. (ninety 2+) commerce FOR 1ST around DRAFT suggestions. contained interior the later seasons, draft suggestions are extensive and quite get payed 0.9m. yet yet another ingredient to remember is that on the 1st day of loose organization, form the sport enthusiasts via ability. you will continuously locate a 80 3-86 with B ability and that they are continuously unsigned draft suggestions. i comprehend I honestly have been rambling ahahah even with the undeniable fact that it quite is efficient lol. good team even with the undeniable fact that pretty with that bruiser 4th line ahaha.

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    5 years ago

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    Tfrade brown and try to get toews.. he will get to a 99 in like 3 more years

  • 1 decade ago

    should have picked up datsyuk he becomes a 93 after two seasons and you have him for four years and he doesnt decline till after his sixth on top of which a 93 for 6.1 million is so cap friendly same for zetterberg just stays 91.

  • You don't have a complete roster. You only have 11 forwards and one goalie.

  • 1 decade ago

    good defense,, ehhh offense

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