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Which name do you prefer and why?

Three Options


Tara, Gabrielle, Kayla

Which one do you like the best?

And for that one, can you think of any nicknames?



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    Tara makes me think of Tara Reid so NO.

    Gabrielle makes me think of the angel in the bible so I like it.

    Kayla is cute, too. But I prefer Gabrielle.

    Gabby, Gab.

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    Tara. It is beautiful and more unique than the others. Also, it doesn't need a nickname.

    Kayla would be my second choice and there are a few nicknames available, but I think they ruin the name, it it best left alone.

    Gabrielle has many great nicknames: Gabi/Gabby, Bree, Ri, Gab, G, Elle etc.

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    Well don't you think you should be happy with the names not other people because your picking a name for a child which means YOU should put more thought into it. But in saying that if I had to choose out of those only three names in the world I would pick Gabrielle - there are more nick names and when people meet her they will remember a name like that as it reminds people of one of gods angels.

    But honestly pick something that means something to you. Not what others think sounds good!

    Source(s): mother to a 6 month old girl named Allora
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    Tara: Cute and short

    Gabrielle: Very pretty, sophisticated, love it.

    Kayla: Nice but a little childish sounding

    I like Gabrielle most.

    Gabby/Gabbie, Gabri, Bri, Brielle, Rie, Rielle, and Gale

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    Definitely Gabrielle. It's sophisticated and beautiful, and just screams intelligence as well. Tara reminds me (personally) of one of those mean, popular girls who have different boyfriends every week, and Kayla reminds me of a really conceited girl for some reason. I think those names would be very good choices if I wasn't so prejudiced against them, so by all means pick them if you really love them (it's your choice to make, after all), but Gabrielle just seems so much more elegant and such. :) I hope I helped!

    Source(s): Myself
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    I like the name Gabrielle the best. because firstly it is the most feminine name of the group and secondly because it is my baby sisters name.

    Nicknames for Gabrielle: Gabby, Bree, Elle, Ella, Brielle, Abby, Aubrey

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    Tara. It's not a favorite, but I really don't like Gabrielle or Kayla.

  • Paige
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    i just like the name better,

    Tara is okay,

    but i don't really like it,

    i like Gabrielle,

    but of course Twilight ruined all -elle/-ella/-belle/-bella names for many years to come

    the only nickname i can think of is Kay

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    Tara - it's really pretty and not overly common. Plus, it reminds me of Gone with the Wind :)

    And I'd just leave it as is, no nickname. Very pretty as is.

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    not's too popular. tara, and gabrielle are really pretty. i prefer tara because it's not often used. well, atleast i've never heard it. hope i helped! (:

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