What's up with the new tvshack.cc?

Tried to go there the other day and it set my virus scanner off. Caught it before anything bad happened but, I don't have cable at the moment and no other way to catch up with my TV shows. Anyone else had this happen to them? Be careful if you go there! New address doesn't seem so safe.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hey, yes I was just going to look it up on here. Everytime I go to a link I have saved from the tvshack my virus thing goes off and says trogan horse, please abort now. So I do and exit right away.

    Here is what to do to avoid it though....everytime you want to watch something, go to google FIRST. then click it tvshack.cc ....then go to the site and type in your movie or tv show. You have to go to the original site first through google instead of directly from saved links on your favorites. It always works if you go to the site first and then search for your stuff all over again.

    pr if you find a link once you get there, go to the megavideo ones, and click it so it opens to the main source or site of megavideo instead of through tvshack listings. Then save it, and then the next time you need that one particular link you get it directly from megavideo site rather than tvshack....but yeah the first ^^^ solution is the most reliable and safest.

    Sorry if this is long but yeah the fbi raided everything so I guess tvshack is very vulnerable with their new site at .cc but if used properly it is perfectly safe. damn fbi, what do they think? there gonna stop every single person in the world that uses the internet for watching movies? tvshack.cc is still getting it all back up so i guess they missed a trogan virus that comes from saved links.

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