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good futanari series?

im looking for a good futanari hentai

names or links would be really appreciated :)

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    No links but I do have a list, These are all the futanari movies released to date:

    * Angel Blade / Angel Blade Punish

    * Beat Angel Escalayer episodes 2 and 3

    * Bible Black

    * Bible Black New Testament

    * Bible Black Only:

    o Ep. 2a "Virgin Hunting/Obscene Dance of the Devils"

    * Bible Black: New Testament episode 1

    * Boundary Between Dream and Reality, The episode 3

    * Chimera (in The Best of Kitty Vol. 3)

    * Cream Lemon Special: Dark

    * Cool Devices

    o Eps. 8 and 9: "Slave Warrior Maya" I and II

    * Countdown

    o Ep. 1a "Alimony Hunter"

    o Ep. 3a "Virgin Road"

    * Daiakuji episodes 3–6 (two futanari in episode 5)

    * Discipline episode 6

    * Enspelled episode 2 (two futanari)

    * Erotic Torture Chamber (in The Best of Kitty Vol. 4)

    * F3: Frantic, Frustrated and Female episode 3

    * Haitoku no Shoujyo: Family of Debauchery (transvestite)

    * Immorality

    * Kowaremono: Fragile Hearts episode 3

    * La Blue Girl

    * Mija Beautiful Demon

    * Ogenki Clinic

    * Oni Tensei episode 4

    * Parade Parade

    * Project Boobs episode 2

    * Septem Charm Magical Kanan

    * Slave Doll

    * Sl*tty Princess Diaries

    * Stainless Night

    * Tokyo Requiem episode 2

    * Viper GTS episode 3

    * Venus Five (demonic she-male; penis not used)


    * Demon Warrior Koji

    * Sins of the Sisters (this may not be hentai)

    Region 2 only (unlicensed in North America):

    * Ail Maniax episode 2

    * Bondage Game

    * Countdown

    o Ep. 2b "Sweet Lips"

    * Discode episodes 1 and 3

    * Haitoku no Shoujyo: Girl of Debauchery (Haitoku no Shoujyo: Family of Debauchery episode 1) (transvestite)

    * Ikusa Otome Valkyrie

    * Kangoku episode 2

    * M.E.M.

    * Ma ga Ochiru Yoru episode 2

    * Pigeon Blood (one character has multiple, and another has a very large one)

    * Soushitsukyo

    * Yakin Byoutou 2 episode 2 (a.k.a. Night Shift Nurses 2)

    Source(s): Years of Research
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    these are all very good series. I have 90% of them. hmm need to start looking for the missing titles in my collection. BTW bible balck is the best of them follwed by Angel blade

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    Best Futanari

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    This Site Might Help You.


    good futanari series?

    im looking for a good futanari hentai

    names or links would be really appreciated :)

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Daiakuji - The Xena Buster

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    i dont know but check out the third episode of viper gts if your into **** girls not saying you are but its a pretty cool scene when you know the context.

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    Black Futanari

  • 6 years ago

    This is a highly inappropriate question.

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