Which High School is the Best In Los Angeles, California?

I might be moving to L.A. for my high school years. So can someone please tell me which high school is the best considering: the kind of people there, the teachers, the saftey (like alot, no, or little fights), and is it a nice campus.

I perfer you to pick the best high school in WEST L.A. please. Thanks so much :)

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    There are many ways to judge *best*. Like while some schools have good standardized test scores, the reality is that many kids aren't happy there, or they really don't have the best education. San Marino High, while it has great test scores, is generally a somewhat unhappy overly competitive place for many students (who spend hours in outside tutoring every day), but it doesn't compare academically to the top private schools. LACHSA (Arts High) puts academics to the side, they make that very clear to prospective parents (academics only until lunch, then art, but their art programs aren't nearly as good as they used to be), the only reason they have high standardized test scores is because some of the kids, especially in Music, spend hours and hours in tutoring that their parents pay for. La Canada is a very good public high school, as is South Pasadena, and they tend to have the friendliest kids, but they have had some issues that make parents who live in those well-off area send their kids to private schools, if the kids are admitted (very competitive). The other schools have those issues, too. So don't worry too much about *best*.

    Chances are you will go to your neighborhood school. There is school choice, but you don't always get your choice. Unless you are a total brainiac, the type that was reading well at 3, don't worry too much about the academics in west LA schools (not necessarily the same for all LAUSD schools), there are AP classes that should keep you very busy. (And if you are a total brainiac, apply to some top private schools and hope for financial aid if your parents can't afford the enormous amount private schools cost.)

    Here is info on School Choice: http://echoices.lausd.net/

    There are public charter and magnet schools that either admit by lottery, a point system, or audition.

    Here is info on Permits: http://echoices.lausd.net/

    It is very difficult to get a permit into one of the *better* schools, as they are overcrowded.

    The LAUSD high schools around West LA and a bit beyond are University, Hamilton, Palisades, and Venice. They each have a wide variety of students and lots of activities. Hamilton has Small Learning Communities, like a Music Academy, a Communication Arts Academy, Math, Science, Medical Center and more. University has an Academy of Engineering, and an Academy of Health and Environmental Sciences. Venice has a Bilingual Business & Finance Academy, a New Media Academy, and a Foreign Language & International Studies Magnet. From any of these schools, if you're willing to put in the work, you can be admitted to a good college.

    If you're not sure where you're moving, you may end up in an area with it's own school district, like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica or Culver City, which have good high schools.

    Don't worry, whatever high school you end up at, you'll make friends.

    Good luck!

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    USC surrounding community is undesirable. i would not propose you attend any intense college close to it. you are able to evaluate going to private colleges: inner maximum schools: Maranatha (Pasadena section) 30 minutes from USC Westridge (Pasadena section) all females college 30 minutes Cal Tech intense college (Pasadena) astounding college (co–ed) 30 minutes Marymount intense college (females) (l. a.) 20 minutes from USC St. Francis (l. a. Canada) for Boys 40 5 minutes away l. a. Salle (co-ed) Sierra Madre 40 5 minutes away Alverno (females college) Sierra Madre 40 5 minutes away Cathedral intense college (boys) Downtown L.A. 15 minutes away Notre Dame Academy (females ) West l. a. 30 minutes away Public colleges: l. a. intense college for the humanities (Cal State l. a. college Campus)- you are able to audition or positioned up specific information (artwork portfolio, etc) it somewhat is a school for the humanities yet an extremely good intense college (20 minutes faraway from USC) Your suited wager could be to bypass to a private intense college, the standard public college device is undesirable in l. a., lacks money, unfavourable coaching (curriculum) and would not grant lacrosse or many training simply by economic themes. good luck

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    Here's the deal that people outside this area don't get: Wherever you move, you are assigned to a school based on where you live. So you don't get to choose.

    The Best in LA County:

    Gretchen Whitney High (Cerritos)

    San Marino High (San Marino)

    Santa Clarita High (Santa Clarita)

    LACHSA (Los Angeles)

    La Cañada High (La Cañada-Flintridge)

    If you are going to live on the westside, then your best bet is to go to a private school. LAUSD schools in general aren't that great. University High in the Brentwood area is your best bet if you are going to public school. But high school is high school wherever you go. It's something to be endured and then put behind you. Most people then get on with real life, except those who get on reality shows where they can be petty just like in high school.

    You can check out LA here: http://projects.latimes.com/mapping-la/neighborhoo...

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    You are given a school based on where you live.

    If you live on the westside then go to private school OR MOVE to a better place.

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    You don't get a choice if it's a public school.

    LAUSD works different. They choose the school for you, depending on where you live.

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    Abraham Lincoln High I think

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    Go to cal state fullerton!

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