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[Ramadan] Scared about Ramadan?

Salaam alaikum

I know Ramadan is a great occasion but I can't help feeling a little scared about it

This Ramadan will be my 3rd one insha'Allah but the thing is this will be the longest ramadan that I have ever done

Fajr will be at 3am and Maghrib at about 9pm so it is about 18 hours?

It is not really food that is my concern but water -.-

I am really scared I mess it up specially because people are going to be like "HERE EAT THIS!!! :D "

Any duas to help with this?



I always feel bloated even though I have fruit for suhoor and some soup for iftar :| and I have lots of water too >.>

I have already gained 11kg because of stress - I look hideous O_O how can I avoid gaining more


LOL well I gain weight!! :P

Maybe I am doing something wrong? I really eat small portions because I think it loses the point if you stuff yourself anyway :/

Update 2:

@ Green

fajr is NOT at 6am - I am living in UK where are you?

In UK it is 3am and sunrise is around 5 - when I make fajr I sometimes stay up and it does light at 5am ish...

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  • Mariam
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    waleikum as'salam,

    aww, sis, dont be scared :)

    this will be my 2nd ramadan insha'Allah .. hehe

    i think it is always good to fast before ramadan is here.. sunnah fasts.

    like fasting on mondays and thurdays is sunnah.. so you could practice.

    so that you know how thirsty you are and how hungry you will be .. also, it will let you know if you have any weakness, so that you can make your diet a more healthy one :)

    fiberous food is great to keep the hunger in check.. like bread,oats, etc

    i am sure you already know .. but have some dates with your suhoor .. it will give you energy.

    about the weight gain .. hmmm .. since you are already having small portions, i am not really sure :(

    May Allah make it easy for all of us. Ameen :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    About the weight problem.. if iftar is at 9PM, then you won't have much time to eat anyway (which is a great thing for me lol) And at sunrise, you don't feel that hungry. So I think this Ramadan, we will see Muslims getting a lot thinner lol.

    As for being scared, because this years Ramadan is longer & hotter, I am sure that we will get rewarded higher. As for me.. I don't plan on going out much in this hot weather, I will just stay at home inshAllah unless my family drag me out..

    If you feel that you might get dehydrated, drink at least 5 cups (I know it's a lot) of water/juice at sehri.. that should do the trick! :)


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  • ---
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    1 decade ago

    I think the best thing about Ramadan is that it teaches great patience and spiritual motivation.

    You will do fine, inshallah.

    By the way, it would be a good idea if you start practising. Fast twice a week before Ramadan. This way it would be easier, you'll get used to it.

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  • ...
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    1 decade ago

    Most of the weight which is gained in Ramadan is actually water. There is a lot of Water Retension in the body in Ramadan as our bodies store water to prevent us from dehydrating =)

    This is actually a good thing, although it makes you 'appear' chubbier, it's actually good to retain water in Ramadan to keep your body going =)

    Be sure to wake up early and drink lots of fluids and have fruits etc. and nothing too salty/sugary as this dehydrates the body due to its low water potential.

    At Maghrib (Iftar) time, have a lot of fruits and veg. and plenty of water.

    And also, be sure to do as much prayers as possible in the blessed month of Ramadan!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I guess most Muslims are feeling at least a tiny bit apprehensive about how successful this coming Ramadan will be. I have to admit that I too am a little apprehensive but I trust in Allah that the weather will ease up worldwide (as here in the US we are experiencing one of the hottest summer ever on record)

    Thank God, I have an air conditioned office where I spend most of my time and that will be most gratifying. I feel concerned for the many Muslims who have to work outdoor in really hot weather especially when dehydration is most unforgiving (regardless of faith)

    This will be a true test of faith and next year would be even a greater challenge. Insha Allah with extra nawafil prayers for our own selves we have a successful Ramadan.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Im Scared of Spiders! They Make me Shudder from head2toe!

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  • Aslam-o-Alikum,

    How are you sister? First of all, Fajr is NOT at 3:00 AM...It's around 6:00 AM...Second just be patient and try to get yourself busy for those 15 hours and Insha"Allah you won't even know it...

    I hope I heped

    Source(s): Worshiper of Allah Slave of Mohammad (S.A.W)
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  • 1 decade ago

    wa alaikum salam

    It is normal fear

    but if you are like me then ask yourself

    who scares you ?

    First identify him

    Obviously it is not you because you do not like to be scared . And you can not control your fear until one day or so on

    So who is really scaring you.?

    Now the only two options remains but Satan whispered you against Allah


    2:169. Satan commands you what is Assoo ( Root word meaning is Grieve ), sinful,

    " and to say about Allah (God) Almighty what you have no knowledge of."

    Now what ever comes from Allah is called Wahi (revelation )

    & "Nothing is left of Wah'i except glad tidings." (Bukhari)

    For nature of Revelation , Check

    And Allah told us

    It is only Shaitan (satan) that suggests to you the " fear " of his Auliya' (3:175 )

    For more view my questions in details

    Source(s): For the reality of Satan , check this one Allah has reduced the plots of Satan mere to whispers (Sahih hadith )
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  • 1 decade ago

    Well you got millions---billions of people doing it with you.

    Umm, who the **** gains weight in Ramadan...

    @Asker...I'm skinny and I lose 5 pounds...everyone in my family loses weight during Ramadan.

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  • Suan
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    1 decade ago

    Insha Allah, this question might inspire you:;_ylt=Am6Ho...

    May Allah SWT make it easy for you (and for all of us).

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