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does clark kent ever tell his secret to lana lane?!?! if so what episode?

and season


i ment in smallvill not movies

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    on which show... and do you mean Lois Lane or Lana Lang


    Lois & Clark: at the end of season 2 Clark proposes as the Cliffhanger and in the season 3 opener Lois reveals that she put it together

    Superman the Animated Series: NO

    Smallville: Lois finds out in a few separate episodes, but is either talked out of it, or gets mind whammied either by a blow to the head, or by a K-Power

    in film:

    in Superman 2 she finds out, but CK gives her a brain whammy kiss at the end of the film

    in Superman: Doomsday the DCU animated movie, Lois has figured it out, but Clark still denies it, then at the end he reveals it/admits she's right by citing the Smallville Spelling Bee

    as for Lana

    I think the animated series had an episode in which she did the math about Superman showing up after Clark went to Metropolis

    on Smallville, Lana suspected, and set up a situation in which she could spy on him and see his powers... later he came clean... and before that in the 100th episode Clark takes her to the Fortress, but she gets killed and he rewinds time undoing the trip

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    yh he does, well actually she finds out and then leaves..

    dunno whats season or episode, look at some episode info on imdb

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    huh... superman 2.

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