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philosophy website, with morality quizzes?

in my grade 12 philosophy test there was a website that our teacher always used to take us to. it had these morality tests that asked some pretty outrageous questions. eg. there was one about a man who gets a frozen chicken from the supermarket every week, takes it home and cooks it and eats it. but before he eats it, he has sexual intercourse with it. and then it asks if it is immoral.

i remember another question was about two adult siblings who go camping together and end up having sex. it was completely consensual, she can't get pregnant, and they don't regret it but decide never to do it again. again, it asks if it is immoral.

any ideas what the website is called?


i don't understand your answer? i take it you are answering one of the questions that i mentioned ad that you don't know what website i was talking about?

Update 2:

oh, and I'm pretty sure that it tells you when you've contradicted yourself.

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    It was polluted, adulterated and contaminated. That is why such poor ideas are caused I think.

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    Morality Quizzes

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    1. I support gay marriage. Religion does not OWN marriage. It is a CIVIL condition. Religion does not have the right to dictate the terms of someone else's marriage. 2. Zoophilia - never moral. Incest and polygamy could be moral if and only if a major natural disaster wiped out much of humanity and the only way to repopulate the planet was through incest or polygamy. Incest carries risks of multiplying genetic errors so is marginally moral. Polygamy is a matter of greed and is therefore marginally moral. 3. Atheist. 4. Yes, mostly chicken but also some pork, beef, fish. I'm not vegetarian or vegan. 5. Most value: regular or developmentally challenged human. Next: braindead human. Next - seeing eye dog. Next - pet dog and sea lion. 6. Abortion should be allowed anytime before the actual birth event. Many religions do NOT subscribe to the "life begins at conception" viewpoint. Some say life begins when you sever the umbilicus. Others say "life begins at first breath." To pick anything earlier than the last possible minute is to disenfranchise the religions who don't agree with the "conception" starting point. 7. Ambiguous question. I would say this: Legal punishment (incarceration at hard labor) is probably good because it gives people a chance to cool off and not be so hot-headed or impulsive. Punishment that is off the radar (spanking a child, time-out in a corner, go to room without supper) is necessary to teach a child that actions have consequences and some consequences can be very undesirable. Non-legal punishment? I tend to be against blatant stuff such as "street justice" on the grounds that the persons imposing that justice COULD be wrong.

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