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What does this quote mean?

"Admiration is the furthest thing from understanding"

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    Jj, it's the perfect quote to describe why so many people elected our current US President. (I'm not usually political, but that was like a fat pitch ... and it felt good to swing!) Not picking on the President, but to answer your question, people clearly did not understand his blatant lack of political experience, but they admired what he said, so they chose him. Happens all the time in politics, love, the drive up at the fast food place ... you name it. Good question!

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    When you admire somebody, it means you may not truly understand them. You only see the glamour in their life and don't recognize the struggles they may have gone through.

    An example, many people admire celebrities. They see their life and fame and wealth and wish to be like them. However, they are the furthest from understanding them and their true life. We don't see what does on behind the curtains.

    Hope that helps!

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    You can admire someone and have NO understanding of them at all. Admiration and understanding are not necessarily related.

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    When you admire someone, sometimes it blocks out who they truly are, and you just see what you want to.

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    It means that if you idolize or lust after a person, you're really only idolizing the image of them you've created in your head. If you really knew the person, you'd understand their flaws and struggles.

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