Is the Gaza Strip really the holiday destination of tomorrow?

A pro Israeli friend described the wonderfull 5 star hotels with open air swimming pools as swimming in the sea is not recommended, its great cuisine and shops full of cheap goods and even free tours showing areas demolished to make room for parks and entertainment areas with evening displays of fireworks .

In view of this I decided to book a package holiday there but was informed by the agency that the International Airport was temporary closed due to some damage to the runways and the arrival and departure lounge was closed due to refurbishing . My second option was to book a ferry but was warned that pirates disguised as soldiers may attack the boat and if I were holding a camera for my holiday snaps I could get shot and my credit card stolen and used by these pirates.

My third option was to get there by land . It seems that this resort is surrounded by high walls and barbed wire to keep out marauding natives and so I would have to pass through a check point facing a further risk of arrest and possible jail due to my past reputation of criticism of Israel in Yahoo . This left me with one last choice . I am now taking a crash course in parachuting. Anyone have an idea how I can get out.?


Jay Seeing as you say people from around the world visit Gaza perhaps you could teel me how they get there and return alive./?

Update 2:

Simple Simon I am not an Arab Have 1 wife, 3 children and 5 grandchildren and before 67 I could walk in and out of Gaza freely

Update 3:

Duke Nukem. Gaza is governed by Hamas but controled by Israel. Israel states who comes in or out and what goods are allowed in or out.

Update 4:

Billy Jean Would you call an American congress woman or a Jewish holocaust survivor a Turkish pirate ? As for the troops that attacked the aid ship cameras and film were stolen including their credit cards to avoid the world seeing the truth. Israel imposed this ILLEGAL blockade so all the problems they have now were self inflicted . Only one building destroyed come on do me a favour hell they even found 340 bombs and shells that did not go off so just how many did or are you saying they all fell in open ground ?

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  • BMCR
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    1 decade ago
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    Michael w, you could at least be honest and admit that a) you do not have any pro Israel friends and b) you did not actually try to book a stay in Gaza. You are obviously trying to make a point but it would be far more honest if you made the point directly instead of making up a "narrative".

    Now, as to why your point is, well, pointless.

    That is because you completely misunderstand (or ignore, which is more likely) the point to some pro Israel people illuminating the fact that Gaza actually has luxury hotels and a real shopping mall.

    The point is NOT that Gazans do not suffer hardship. The point is NOT that Israel does not control what goes into Gaza (for good reasons). The point is NOT that Israel has never taken military action against Gaza which resulted in buildings being demolished.

    The point is that the images that the media has generally shown to the rest of the world is only the images of hardship, of slums, of demolished buildings. Thus, as a result, we get people who believe the entire Gaza is like those slums in India and then anti Israel cranks use that as something to bash Israel over the head with. In other words, its a FALSE (or woefully incomplete) narrative.

    The point of showing those images is precisely so you the world will now be aware that not everything in Gaza is necessarily how they think it is. Maybe then they will ask the following questions: If there are five star hotels, who exactly stays there and who funds it? How do Gazans go shopping in malls? How do they afford it? What is the humanitarian aid for then?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dear Michael, I understand your irresistible wish to visit such a wonderful resort as "Gaza Concentration Camp", and looks like your dream will soon come true. After the attack prerpetrated by the Turkish pirats disguised as the "peace activists", The United Nations have finally accepted the proposal Israel was pushing over for many months, i.e.that all the cement and steel constructions that enter Gaza would be directed to the UN- controlled projects only and not to the construction of the fortificaions and underground smuggling tunnels which Hamas has been industriously doing for the last 3 years( a waste of the valuable construction materials, because any fortification strength is measured first and foremost by the courage and bravery of its defendants, the qualities Hamas "fighters" are seriously lacking). However, this will open the opportunity to finish the reparing works in hte Gaza airport, after which you are welcome to Gaza.

    You´re very right about being careful with a camera; Hamas is very sensitive about any shots that do not show Gaza as a "Concentration Camp" because this threatens the Hamas leaders financial solvency and may become a serious hindrance for their purchase of another $4- million house in the prestitgous area of Paris ; they can confiscate your camera and give you a pretty good beating too(in quite a democratic manner, of course). So, just limit your photografic activities by showing the waste bins in the Gaza streets and also by making photos of that only building in Gaza which is destroyed (as a matter of fact, it is destroyed since 2005, when Hamas blasted it in the course of their coup´détat, but that does not matter).

    Have fun in Gaza

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    you name us terrorist or name us what ever you like we do not give a ***** we are fighting for our freedom that we lost 62 years ago and we will get it today or tomorrow or after 1000 years we the PALSTIYANS Muslim and Christians are about to end up your misery on the trash heap of history. It is a simple matter of survival. We the PALSTIYANS will not forgive and we will not forget the Israeli crime and genocide with impunity


    the interest of the Zionist movement, however, is to inflate this figure [of Holocaust deaths] so that their gains will be greater. This led them to emphasize this figure [six million] in order to gain the solidarity of international public opinion with Zionism. Many scholars have debated the figure of six million and reached stunning conclusions—fixing the number of Jewish victims at only a few hundred thousand

  • Anonymous
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    I want to go to Gaza also I can’t really say if all the pro Israelis say is true because no one is allowed in or out of Gaza, it’s a modern day concentration camp, reporters that go in have their videos checked and edited and maybe something extra is added, and as long as the Gazans live in that concentration camp how could the Israeli government expect anyone to believe that they’re happy.

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  • Foxx
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    1 decade ago

    If you are an American you should be able to visit the Gaza strip considering it is the supported with money by US taxpayers as is Israel, Jordan, Egypt and so forth. It is controlled by enemies of the US, yet we send them money. Wake up America, we already give too much foreign aid-which is our money people! We are a debtor nation, yet we are still dolling money out! OKay, for allies fine, but to places like Gaza, under Hamas-it is a heinous act by our government to be supporting that place. Israel should have not ever returned it. THere will never and i mean never any peace in that part of the world unless one side kills the other off, even then, they will still fight over a difference of opinion in their religion-no matter who wins it, and the fight will go on and on. You know, America was much better off when it stayed out of that region of the world, but since we are there-at least don't throw our money away at lands, governed by groups who hate us(Gaza under Hamas).

    Source(s): Been watching this crap go on since 1967, and like a bad tv show-the reruns go on and on. America gains nothing by having anything to do with the Middle East period.
  • John E
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    1 decade ago

    Indeed my friend.

    I am more than certain that once these people will be unsubdued and be able to breath the air of freedom, almost all of Europe, Arab world (and many democratic Americans) will give them the necessary resources to be able to decide of their own fate and future.

    I strongly believe in this.

    The Palestinians are a special people, very gifted, clever and very strong.

    I would like to visit the place as well. By boat, following the same human rights activists route if possible.


  • Arilou
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    1 decade ago

    you can enter through the egyptian border.

    funny how everyone seems to forget that Gaza have a border with their brothers egyptians.

    btw - the wall around Gaza was not built in 1967. it was built after bombers came from gaza and attacked israeli civilians.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you truly wanted to go there and not cry on Israel for the 1000000000008 time i am certain you would be on your way already as it is possible to get into Gaza and people from around the world have been there and are there now.

    If you are truly stupid enough to go parachute yourself into Gaza, then go ahead and do it.

    Contact the hamas or PA and ask them maybe?

    Just FYI and to prove you are lying, I have been in Gaza more than once during the 80s until the first intifada it was safe to go to Gaza, the reason is terrorism.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You are the first Arab who wants to get out of Gaza.

    Gaza gets 10 times more international aid per capita, than Germans got after WW2.

    There are more dense populated places in the world than Gaza, like Singapore.

    But unlike Gaza people they don't have 6 wives, 30 children and 400 grandchildren, not to mention that they have to work and don't get any international aid.

    And last, but not the least: How did Gazans got out of Gaza before 1967?

    Before "Brutal Occupation"?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    gaza is owned by hamas you'll have to check with them

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