wrestling ppv a dream one in my opinion?

heel doink vs eugene 2004

80s road warriors vs 00 dudley boyz in a street fight for the tag titles

late 80s steamboat vs 2003 chris benoit in a 60 minute iron man match

1990 ultimate warrior vs Batista this year in the ppvs bathroom break lets face it would be for me

late 80s ric flair vs 2003 kurt angle in a last man standing

Stone Cold vs Sandman in a Bar room Brawl

Jbl 2004 vs Millon Dollar man 1987 for the million dollar belt

Randy Savage late 80s vs HbK This Decade for the Ic Title

Hogan of the 80s vs Cena of This Decade Vs Bruno Of the 60s, who would vince choose in this match For the WWe Title


you can rate it from a one to a ten

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    Eddie Guerrero 2004 vs Rey Mysterio Ladder Match 2005

    Doink the Clown vs Santio Marrell

    Mr. Perfect 1991 vs Kurt Angle 2003

    Bigshow 2003 vs Andre the Giant Body 1985 Slam Match

    Tag Team Title Match , JBL 2004 and Ted Dibiase 1987 vs Owen Hart 1995 and British Bulldog 1995

    Edge vs Christian TLC Match IC Title

    Chris Beniot 2004 vs RVD 2006

    Shawn Michaels vs A.J. Styles

    Bret Hart 1996 vs Stone Cold 1999

    HHH 2001 vs Randy Savage 1989 WHC

    Hulk Hogan 1987 vs John Cena 2006 vs The Rock 2000

    I think your card is good

    Source(s): WWE.com
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