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Songs like White Horse by Taylor Swift?

I am in love with the songs White Horse by Taylor Swift, know any good songs like this

Don't list any other Taylor Swift songs because I've heard them all, not even joking

I dont really like any other country artists so don't list them, unless the sound exactly like her

I really like the sound to the song. Soft acoustic, and the bass in the back sounds really really good

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    Good As I Was To You-- If You-

    Came Back From Heaven-

    Dear Me-Something In Red-

    Lorrie Morgan) (Just A-

    Dream-Temporary Home-

    I Told You So-Carrie Underwood)

    Streets Of Heaven-Sherie Austin)

    Loves Lives On-Mallary Hope)

    Complcated-Carolyn Dawn Johnson)

    Where've You Been-Kathy Metta)

    House That Built Me-Miranda Lambert)

    What Do You Say- I'll Be Still- If I Had-

    Only Know- His Name Was John-Reba-

    Mcentire) (How Can I Help You Say-

    Goodbye- Here I Am-Patty Loveless)

    Seven Year Ache-Rosanne Cash)---

    Down On My Knees-How Do I Live-

    Walk Away Joe-Trisha Yearwood)

    Let That Pony Run-Spilled Perfume-

    Pam Tills) (I Will Always Love You-

    Dolly Parton) (Crazy- She's Got You-

    Sweet Dreams-Patsy Cline)-------

    Cry- I Can't Do This Any More-

    There You'll Be-Faith Hill)===

    Concrete Angel-Valentine-

    A Broken Wing-Martina Mcbride)

    Without You-Travelin' Solidier-

    Landslide-Dixie Chicks) --------

    Ashes By Now-Leann Womack)

    You Can Let Go Now Daddy-

    Crystal Shanwada) (Angels-

    In Waiting-Tammy Cochran)

    Bring On The Rain-Jo-Dee Messina)

    Stawberrry Wine-Deana Carter)


    In The Arms Of An Angel- I Will-

    Remember You-Sarh McLachlan)

    (If I Ain't Got You-Alicia Keys)----

    Since You Been Gone-Kelly Clarkson)

    Moving On-Toya) (Takin' Back My--

    Heart-Utada Hikary) (Almost ----

    Doesn't Count-Brandy) (Goodbye-

    To You-Michelle Branch) (Un-Breack-

    My Heart-Toni Braxton) (The Rose--

    Bette Midler) (L.A-Song-Beth Hart)

    Don't Know Why-Norah Jones)---

    Complicated-Avril Lavigne) ----

    Unwritten-Natasha Beddingfield)

    Fall To Pieves-Avril Lavigne)--

    Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis)

    Tatto-Jordin Sparks) (Hopeless-

    Train) (Last To Know-Three Day-

    Grace) (Broken-Life House)--

    I Don't Love You-My Chenical-

    Romance) (Climbing Up The-

    Walls-RadioHead) (Tears In-

    Heaven-Eric Clapton) (Crying-

    Roy Orbison) (Love Hurts-Nazareth)

    In My Life-The Beatles) (Home--


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    You're not gonna find anyone who sounds just like her. I know you said no other country artists, but try Miranda Lambert or the Wreckers(they're broken up now i think). Or maybe the Band Perry. They have a song called "If I Die Young" that's really good.

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    Some other songs that are just like Taylors would be Beat it,by Micheal Jackson,Bat out of hell ,by Meat Loaf,Back in black,by AC/DC.

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