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How do you say "I am" in many different languages?

How can I say "I am" in German,French,Swedish,And even more languages. Its for a creative project I'm doing,I need accurate translations of the words "I am" in different languages

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    ñuqa kani - Quechua

    Tha mi - Scottish Gaelic

    Táim - Irish Gaelic

    Ni naiz - Basque

    Εγώ είμαι - Greek

    én vagyok - Hungarian

    मैं हूँ - Hindi

    Unë jam - Albanian

    من هستم - Persian

    Eu sou - Galician and Portuguese

    jo sóc - Catalan

    Ég er - Icelandic

    Believe it or not, many languages either do not have or do not use a word for "am": Turkish, Russian and Arabic for example.

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    German- Ich bin

    French- Je suis

    Hebrew- Ani [אני] [pronounced ah-nee; like another person said, Hebrew is another language that does not have a separate word for I am. Ani also means I (:]

    Polish- Jestem [j is pronounced like y]

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    Sono - Italian

    Je suis - French

    Ich bin - German

    EDIT: some more ~

    Jsem - Czech

    Ik ben - Dutch

    Olen - Finnish

    Sou - Portuguese

    Source(s): .
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    Swedish - Jag är

    Japanese - Watashi wa -- desu. (Desu means Am)

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    Yo soy-Spanish

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    arabic : ana (انا)

    german : ich bin

    hebrew : ani (אני)

    french : je suis

    japanese : watashi (私は)

    serbian : ja sam (Ја сам)


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    this will get you to any language you want, and don't worry, for a phrase as simple as i am it should be authentic

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    Welsh... Dwi'n

    Dwi'n oer... I am cold.

    However, it can change depending on the context.

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    Wo shi 我是

    (Mandarin Chinese)

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    "ana" means i am--thats in arabic

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