What Do I Have To Do To Go To College In Canada?

Ok, I Was Born And Raised In the United States, But I Also Have Canadian Indian Status With Naicatchewnin First Nation. And I Want To Go To College In Canada, Preferably In Thunder Bay. I Have Been To Canada Multiple Time After I Turned 18 To Visit With My Mom Who Did Live In Fort Frances, Thats Where My Indian Status Comes From. Both My Parents Have Past Away, But Have Of Course Lots Of Family That Lives In Canada. I Did Finish High School And Have My Diploma. And I Just Want To Know What Do I Have To Do To Go To College In Canada.

Oh, Yea, I Would Also Like To Know What I Would Have To Do To Live In Canada, I Want To Move To Thunder Bay And Live There WIth My Sister.

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    If Canada recognizes you as a "Status Indian" you can live in Canada. As a Status Indian you would qualify for various programs and services (such as health care). You would have to apply for your Health Card.

    You should also apply for your "Social Insurance Card", to enable you to work in Canada. I am aware of some Status Indians born in the United States who had difficulty getting their Social Insurance Card. One had to convince the issuer that he was a "Canadian born Abroad". If you have difficulty your First Nation maybe able to help you with this.

    You might also want to contact your First Nation to ask about their educational sponsorship and what their application process is. There may be a waiting list and applications often have to be in by the spring/summer of the year you plan to attend. Be aware your application will not necessarily be approved. Applications are approved based on the number of applicants and the funds available.

    To apply at a collage/university visit their registration office, there should be a counsellor there to help you with the process.


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    Thunder Bay is a city, but very small compared to, say, Toronto. I also hear it's not particularly multicultural.

    Basically, you just apply to get into University or College (the distinction is that Colleges are generally post-secondary institutes that are more application, as opposed to Universities, where theory is taught)

    Each University and College program will have entrance requirements, such as certain course credits, and averages, but there's nothing like an SAT here in Canada. In Ontario, there is an online application system, but that's mainly used by Ontario high school kids. Depending on the school and program, they may ask for entrance essays and their own application.

    What program are you thinking of going into? The university in Thunder Bay is Lakehead.

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