What's in style this year?

I'm going back to school shopping for clothes soon and I want to know what kind of pieces to look for. I think I have an idea of what all is in style but it's always to have other peoples opinions. What should I buy this time?


Im also in middle school, so nothing to expensive. I'm on a tight budget.

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    1 decade ago
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    well.. high waisted skirts. but make sure they're flowered printed skirts, makes you seem more cute and stylish! shirts in my opnion are simple plain tank tops, like pink or black or green! you can wear them with skinny jeans, simple blue jeans or colored(make sure the tank is grey,white,or black)! my sister whos in high school wears these shirts that she wrote on, like ink made for shirts! you can write your name, nickname, school name, anythinq! or if ur into the world cup? u can wear spain jerseys or anything sports related! i would wear them with shorts. shoes?? i really dont know! im in middle school, we wear vans with high socks, the socks are crazy colors, or nike! it all depends on what school ur going to. high school? or middle school? these for me are what im wearing for school(it helps to have an older,popular sister)

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    personally what i do is stick to the name brand stores and then flair it up with something i like. but if you wanna go with the crowd id say the shoes called gladiators? skinny jeans are deffiniatly whats hot right now, and baggy shirt sseem to be in

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    being naked.

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