Climate change, carbon tax and tea?

Will teabaggers;_ylt=At... take this

as bad news, ignore the facts as usual and attempt to demonize any success British Columbia has with its carbon tax?

i thought teabaggers wanted to pay less tax not more.

Update 2:

Jim Z said "STOP SPENDING!!!!!!"

Well that's not what "he" said

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Update 3:

Pheonix Quill, when does a normal tax hike start with a rebate? You really seem to be locked into unidimensional thinking over this. Not to worry, it’s a common conservative malady.

Update 4:

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    In theory, teabaggers should be all about reducing taxes. So if you have a net tax reduction, teabaggers should be all for it.

    In reality, it's all about ideology. In theory Republicans are supposed to be extremely concerned about increasing the federal deficit. So concerned that they blocked an extension of unemployment benefits. During a recession and over 10% unemployment, and almost no new job creation. Because it would have increased the deficit a few billion dollars. Of course they also want to extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich which would increase the deficit by about a trillion dollars, but I digress. I could go on all night about the insane hypocrisy of American conservatives.

    The point I'm trying to get at is that according to the CBO, the proposed US cap and trade system would have reduced the federal deficit by $19 billion by 2020. So if conservatives are so concerned about the deficit as they claim, they should have been all over the bill. How much conservative support did it actually get? Somewhere between zip, zilch, and nada.

    With conservatives and teabaggers, ideology trumps economics every time. As soon as you say the words 'carbon tax', their itty bitty brains explode. It doesn't matter if you decrease income taxes by more than carbon taxes increase. The mere fact that you're creating a carbon tax will almost guarantee teabagger opposition.

    *edit* jim's "stop spending" strategy, aside from not answering the question, is a good way to turn an economic recession into a depression. Any economist will tell you that. Then again, jim thinks all economists are stupid.;_ylt=At_Vv...

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    1 decade ago

    BC accomplished a carbon tax by actually reducing taxes in other areas. I would hardly call this a model for the cap and trade that has been proposed as it was done in a completely different manner. Further, I would actually have no problem with taxing carbon if the government did indeed reduce taxes in a commiserate way in another area, say income tax. The problem comes when they want to hide their tax as something else. The problem also comes when they try to create this large tax system that may or may not work. If you look into how C&T is done, their is truly no limit to the amount of money that a ton of CO2 can cost. If the govt dorked up (which they have been knwon to do) they could have the cost of a ton of carbon go through the roof and cause massive increases to our prices for everything.

    So thus far, while Obama promised not to raise taxes, he supprted a bill that did indeed raise taxes, just in a manner that he could readily hide it and pretend it didn't exist. The effect of this tax would be relatively unknown and depend upon good management by the government to keep it from skyrocketing. Not exactly the best thing to do during a recession. A trading of taxes in order to highlight a direction that the US should take would be a much better way. In this manner, even if this AGW is overestimated, the methods we use to reduce CO2 will not severely adversely affect our economy.

    As for your teabaggers comment, while I am not nor ever intend to join the Tea party, your comment is more offensive than calling someone a communist, thus next time you whine about being called a communist, I would suggest you take the plank out of your eyte so you can see better to help your neighbor take the fleck out of his.


    Awesome post, come to think of it, I don't mind being called a teabagger, but I didn't realize the liberals were such prudes.


    Actually any economist will tell you that if you want to help the economy, then you lower taxes. The govt is mostly inefficient and sucks money out of the economy. They will also tell you that if you decrease taxes, then you need to decrease spending so as not to create an enormous deficit.

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    I support the TEA parties principles. Your attempt at sarcasm is crude and uncalled for. The carbon tax as it is stated in the article does in no way reflect any proposal in the US. BC carbon tax is specifically tied to lowering income tax and business tax. It is a swap. Creative and smart. If you notice there taxes overall were cut by 230 million. That has helped the economy. Not the carbon tax itself. I suspect the tax cut will actually bring in more revenue into the states coffers, as they generally do. The US proposals do not offer such a swap but additional taxes, no net reduction, only a net increase. So it will cost you more to live. Everything in the US uses energy, all those additional cost will increase the price of everything, with no offset. Just as the price of oil has increased so has the cost if every item you purchased.

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    The "'Tea Party" is a political movement objecting to high taxes.

    A "Teabagger" is a man who has talked a woman into sucking his balls.

    And a LIBERAL is someone who apparently doesn't think men should enjoy having their balls sucked, hence they use the second term to insult the first group.

    But the brain damage doesn't stop there.

    When Cap & Trade is used to TAX the Power Companies, and the Power Companies RAISE our rates, Liberals apparently don't know it's REALLY the same as being taxed directly.

    THEN when the Government gives a little of that money back, they are baffled the 'Teabaggers' don't consider it a TAX CUT.

    Seriously Gwen, are YOU to dumb to know it's a TAX HIKE, or do you think WE are too dumb to know?

    No country has ever taxed it's way into prosperity.

    If Liberals were smart enough to understand the Laffer curve they'd be Conservatives.

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  • 1 decade ago

    "teabagger" is a disgusting demeaning term similar to the N word for black people that you close minded liberals made up & apply to anyone who doesn't immediately agree with your socialist dogma.

    I would report you for using the TB word except for the fact that I've used the even more disgusting & demeaning word "socialist" in this post & I don't want to be hypocritical.

    lets clean up our language please.

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    I call them teapotheads. More appropriate.

    All such people pretend not to know that Government needs to raise money and that if it doesn't do so one way it'll do so in another.

    A straight carbon tax is the best way to go; it needs to be offset by cuts for two reasons. One is public acceptance, and the other is so as not to put one's exports at a competitive disadvantage.

    Of course, BC and indeed Canada in general has one huge advantage relative to the US: lower health care costs. And Canada is one of the few major economies outside Asia that does not have massive government debt.

    Go reckon (Gwen, I know you already have).

    And Phoenix, the Laffer argument relates to income and incentive, so surely he would approve of what BC is doing.

  • BB
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    1 decade ago

    What is a "teabagger"?

    Whoa! I just read the first answerer's link.

    You are one sick Liberal. If I was one of your kind, I would report you. However, I am a Conservative American and will not stoop you your level of childishness. Shame on You!

  • JimZ
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    1 decade ago

    I got some quite advice for you liberals that you just can't grasp and it has nothing to do with taxes.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why do you care about the opinions of people who are mild sexual deviants?

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