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Rate My Nba Dream Team From 1-10 and Explain what you would change.?


PG: Steve Nash

SG: Kobe


PF: Larry Bird

C: Wilt Chamberlain


Guards: Jason Kidd, Magic Johnson

Forward: D.Wilkins, Dr.J, Kevin Garnett

Centers: Tim Duncan, Kareem AJ

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    PG: Magic Johnson

    SG: Michael Jordan

    SF: Larry Bird

    PF: Tim Duncan

    C: Bill Russel


    Guards: John Stockton, Kobe Bryant

    Forwards: Kevin Garnett, Dr. Julius Earving

    Centers: Shaq, Wilt Chamberlain

    It's way to hard to do, there are way too many greats. you could really mix up and remake dream teams for days and never know what would be the best. i had a hard time taking out LBJ, Nash, Kidd, Kareem, Jerry West ect.

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    PG: Oscar Robertson- the guy averaged 26 pts,10 assists,8 reb- how is this guy not your PG??

    SG: MJ- he really cannot play SF, you shoulda put Pippen before him-and, he is MJ.

    SF: Larry Bird- 25 pts, 6 assists, 6 reb- he can play SF also

    PF: Karl Malone- Best PF of all time easy- walking Double Double.

    C: Wilt Chamberlain- Tough one, but he averaged 50 Pts and 20 Reb one year- Nuff said.


    Guards: John Stockton, Magic Johnson

    Forwards: Tim Duncan, Moses Malone

    Centers: Kareem Abdul Jabar, Bill Russell

    Your team: 7

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    PG: Magic

    SG:Michael Jordan

    SF: Bird

    PF: Duncan

    C: Kareem

    Guards: Stockton, Miller

    Forwards: Dr.J, Karl Malone

    Centers: Hakeem, Wilt

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    My Dream Team

    PG- Magic Johnson

    SG- "Air" Jordan

    SF- Scottie Pippen

    PF- Karl Malone

    C- Hakeem Olajuwon


    Guards- John Stockton, Clyde Drexler, Rajon Rondo

    Forwards- Chris Bosh, Paul Pierce, Dominique Wilkins

    Centers- Yao Ming, David Robinson, Bill Russell


    Source(s): me
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    I would pick a team of...

    PG Oscar Robertson, only player to average a triple double in a season (30pts, 12rebs, and 11asts)

    SG Michael Jordan, the greatest player to ever play the game.

    SF Lebron James, one of the most atheltic small forwards to ever play the game.

    PF Karl Malone scored 37,000+ points in his career and 17 seasons with 2,000+ points

    C Shaq, a champion and the most dominant player to ever play the game.


    Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Kareem, John Stockton, Wilt, and Reggie Miller.

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    Its okkk but id have to change PG SG and prob PF and some of the bench This is mine


    PG: Magic Jonson

    SG:Oscar Robertson

    SF:Michael Jordan

    PF:Bill Russell

    C:Wilt Chamberlain

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    maaaaaaan u have a lot to learn.

    at PF its Malone and KG over anybody.

    at SF its pippen and james over jesus christ let alone another nba player.

    stockton over kidd all day

    centers?????? u ever watch olajuwon play? didnt think so.

    SG kobe and MJ is the only one u got right.

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    Why is magic on the bench to Nash? Why is bird playing pf?

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    Magic is better than Nash.

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    6 bad rotation

    Magic > Nash

    Dr. J > Bird

    Kareem > Wilt




    PF-Dr. J


    Sixth Man:Wilt

    Bench(order they come off)









    Source(s): i only used your guys but mine is WAY different my team PG-Stockton SG-Kobe SF-Jordan PF-Kareem C-Hakeem Olajuwon SM-Magic Bench(random order) Bill Russell Reggie Miller Duncan Shaq Jerry West Pippen Rodman Dr.J Patrick Ewing
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