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What does fully-flexed mean?

I heard that Barrel Racer, Lindsay Sears horse, Martha, has the rare ability to run fully-flexed and that helps her to run faster. What does that mean?

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    Probably that her horse runs rounded, such as bends at the neck, and ribcage. Where that is a very good advantage over the others because alot of pro-rodeo barrel racers horses run very straight and stiff and dont bend much of anywhere. And that slows them down where its had to turn something if its stiff. Like a bike if you try to turn it if there is no movement of the front tires the hole frame slides the hind tire around the corner while the front just stays there. But if you turn the wheel in the front it is much smoother and quicker turns. Same as a barrel horse. If your horse is stiff and doesnt bend its not turning the best it could . That is why I always flex my horses neck and ribcages so they will bend and flex going around the barrels and its easier to get there noses also.

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