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Who is real father of Chelsea Clinton ?

Christians allow and encourage adultery. Kennedy cheated on his wife, pastor Martin Luther King cheated on his wife, Prince Charles cheated on his wife Princess Diana to name few.

Bill Clinton cheated on his wife in the very white house, next to Hilary living room !!!

This shows us that Hilary was participating in Clinton adventures.

It is also probable that Hillary had cheated on her husband thousands of time like all others christian women ! she may have participated in those christian swinging parties !

Now Chelsean Clinton has been married according to christian customs

I'm just woindering who is the real father of this chrtian women?

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    Hillary Clinton

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    What makes you think that they are Christians? To them its just a label to use. And the father is Bill Clinton. Chelsea is already looking like her mother. She has her mother's owl face and big mouth and her father's horse teeth. A vision of loveliness.

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    Now don't generalize....just saying you're a Christian because you're in a church is like saying you're car because you're in a garage. If you don't ask God for forgiveness and walk the walk.... you're nothing more than a unconverted convert.

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  • If you cannot see both her father's features and her mother's features expressed in that young woman's face you need glasses.

    btw: Mulims fool around a lot as well.

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    Gosh. Crazy arab is "just wondering."

    Perhaps we could just wonder if Crazy arab has any reliable evidence to back this spurious question. We could also just wonder why Crazy arab is asking the question here, and not at

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