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What are the conditions of the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding area now - is it possible to hear from residents?

People who live at or close to ---- or just know people who do

Are the horrid chemical smells as bad as some said -- is the oil mostly cleaned up now that reports of scale backs are heard -- Are the fishermen allowed out on the water uninhibited by cops and or oil

Do you believe a thing BP tells you --- how about the media --- or the politicans --

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    I'm 100 miles SW of Tampa. It's fine here. I would tend to believe the local news media and Tampa reports about this quite often. I'm sure that is the case farther up the coast, and in the other Gulf states, as well.

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    I live in Pensacola, Florida. I was at the beach last weekend and could find no direct evidence of any oil whatsoever. There was an "information" booth set up by BP (I think) where you could get the latest information. The guy there said the tar balls were beneath the surface of the sand and that is whey you couldn't see them. Even so, I didn't see anyone doing any kind of clean up. I suspect this is because there isn't anything to clean up. I can't speak for Louisiana, but in Pensacola the whole thing seems to have been way overblown.

    Do I believe:

    BP -- Nope, they have already been busted in far too many lies.

    Media -- Nope, they are in it for the story that sells. They have destroyed the local economy when there was nothing major in terms of oil damage at all.

    Politicians -- I NEVER believe politicians although Bobby Jindal has seemed to be pretty straight up in this whole thing.

    Oh. . and no smell that I could detect.

    EDIT: There was some oil and tar balls that washed up in scattered areas around Pensacola a few weeks ago, but all evidence of that seems to be gone now.

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    I live on the gulf coast in TX at the Louisiana border. There isn't much going on here. A few tar balls showed up on the beach wks ago but now the beach is fine. The water was disgusting before the spill (off the TX coast) I wouldn't get in no matter what.

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    I'm in Florida, not really close enough to answer...our beaches are still beautiful and we don't smell any chemicals. In our Panhandle though, there was oil washing up in isolated areas.

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    Day before yesterday, they were griping about all the oil, and yesterday, they were griping about too much dispersant being used. I don't think there's a single person down there who has a clue of what they're doing.

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