Help creating a Microsoft Access booking program?

I want something where you can see a calendar, see which days have an "event" on them, and be able to click and see a list of people that are registered.

I also want to be able to enter clients, and register them for one or more events, and be able to see which events the client is registered for.

I have some knowledge of access, but its all pretty basic stuff. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Here is basic, it may need tweaking:

    Table for Event Information

    Table for People Information

    Link the 2 tables some how, like an RSVP ID Number or something

    Form for Entering People Data

    Form for Calander

    Form for Lookup?

    So, Form 1 is text boxes or other to simply add people's information like eventAttending, lastName, firstName, address....

    Form 2 for the calander you can set it up with standard calander look but using components in a grid shape, but I would probably recommend buttons, and each button shows the events in a subform.

    Form for lookup would be a simple form to enter some bit of info. For instance type in a phone number and see the persons info or type in the last name and see what events they are attending.

    Form lookup can be done with combo boxes linked to their respective tables.

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  • 4 years ago

    in the experience that your common use for this address e book is to have a catalogue of contacts with mailing addresses which could be revealed out on envelopes then the least perplexing way is to offer the mailing record interior Microsoft observe. in case you have Microsoft observe, click on the Mailings Tab, start up Mail Merge team, choose Recipients and decide form New record. this would open up a talk container for the advent of a mailing record which could truthfully be used in observe to print labels.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Here are a couple of "tools" to help you. The first is MS site that has templates for databases. In your case it sounds like the Event Management Template would best suit your needs but if not their are plenty more to choose from. Note this link is to the 2007 version.

    Next here is a link to Utter Access a great site to get in touch with Access pros for advice. It is a forum and all help is free. Used it a couple times myself when I got in a jam:

    Hope that helps!

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