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How do you enter a rodeo?

I know I'm going to have to do more research into this on my own, and in my area, but I figured I might as well ask on here since I know a few of you have competed in rodeos before. On the websites we never see anything that mentions signing up so how do you do it? Do you have to do it a long time in advanced? The earliest I'm planning on riding in one is at the end of next April, but we want to start planning out which ones to go to now, providing everything goes well with my horse. But yeah, so how do you enter one? Thanks!

Oh and can anyone enter what's considered to be a pro rodeo? We weren't sure of that. We went to one not too long ago and they had basically two rodeos a day, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon because there was so many competitors. So were they all pro riders, or can pro riders and just normal riders enter into them as well?


It was just the website to a local rodeo. Thanks, I didn't know any of that!

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    If it is a Pro Rodeo regular people cannot just go and enter. You must be 18+ And have Pro Card. What is the website you went to?? If it is a regular rodeo rodeo and not a Pro rodeo (WPRA, PRCA sanctioned) then they should have a entry form print out on the website.

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    suitable wager could be to discover a prepare ring on your section. you will pay a value for the form of rides you will like. The cowboys will probable assist you with kit. in case you like it you need to purchase your very own kit and connect an affiliation. they provides you with a itemizing of rodeos which you're eligible for. There are varieties and expenditures to each step. lots of coverage varieties, be sure you have your coverage card. there is an somewhat stable risk of having harm each and every time you holiday. prepare is expensive, yet save at it. you decide on the prepare to be aggressive on the rodeos.

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