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could lack of sleep and lack of nutrition cause feelings of being unpresent in the world.?

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    Yes: definitely!!! Your mind needs adequate amounts of sleep, nutrition and water (and oxygen) in order to function properly, and shortages of any one of these 4 essentials can make you feel strange and often "unpresent". Sleep and water are the two that can most quickly lead to this "unreal" feeling: you should be drinking enough so that your urine is quite pale - that's the easiest way to tell if you are properly hydrated. Sleep is a matter of both time and quality: your room should be quiet and dark, and hydration also helps you sleep better, even if you have to get up to pee in the night. That said, don't neglect the nutrition aspect either: eating breakfast is important: you need some energy to get off to a good start in the morning. I recommend something like fruit and hot cereal: multigrain cereal like Red River, or oatmeal are nutritious and "stick to your ribs" to give you energy until lunch time, and the fruit will provide some vitamin C and other goodies which the grains don't. // Don't eat anything at all for a couple of hours before bedtime (no evening snacking!!): this will help you sleep better, since if you go to bed with food in your stomach it will take energy to digest, and that energy will be taken away from the energy the body needs to repair and regenerate itself.

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    yes definately, if you dont eat a balanced diet then your body isint gonna function properly, i learned that the hard way, add to that a lack of sleep and you can end up feeling like a walking zombie! not a nice feeling.

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