Violated parole for crime from childhood: back to YA or to prison?

I recently found out my ex-fiance tested positive for methamphetamines and was reincarcerated.

He was originally adjudicated for attempted murder when he was 17, and put in California Youth Authority. He was released at 21 and put on parole until the age of 25. He violated it at age 23.

Now, we're having a really hard time finding his instituion,a nd it was suggested that perhaps he went back to the same youth program he was on parole from?

So if you're no longer a minor and violate parole from a youth you go to regular prison or a special program?


I figured as much, but thought there was a chance we were looking in the wrong place. /sigh.

Can anyone give me any informed estimate of what sentence he might be looking at? The idiot was already in parole-ordered inpatient rehab when he was busted for crystal meth... I'm thinking this is a very serious sentence.

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    18 is when you go to be with the Big boys.

    Check 1-916-445-6713 California Prison Inmate Locator.

    Or try www.

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    the yankee Justice equipment could be relatively warped at circumstances. in basic terms because of fact somebody is a non violent criminal does not propose they did no longer do any extreme injury to their sufferers. It relatively pisses me off while a new child molester does much less time in prison than a undeniable misdemeanor offenders. And what relatively gets under my skin as nicely that are people like I.D. theft criminals who do basically a pair years (sometimes much less via getting out on good habit). i ask your self how interior the hell does that quantity to the existence time of harm they performed to their sufferers credit and, hassle they had to head by using while the low existence, scum thief grew to become into enjoying all the unfastened funds and, credit they stole from their sufferer. i think of particular intercourse offenders could get a minimum of one existence sentence and, thieves could get a minimum of Ten years. Our Justice equipment does have some extreme flaws that opt for a great solving.

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    He didn't go back to the youth authority if he is 23 years old. Odds are he's in prison...

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    he gets to visit the real prison

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    if an adult violates parole that adult goes to adult jail or prison

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