Returning recently purchased used car?

I bought and took home a used truck today, although the sale is not yet final. There is still some financing to be worked out (the sales manager thinks he could work out a better rate than what my credit union came up with) and so far I have given them the keys to my trade and a relatively small down payment.

I jumped on it since the deal ended up being better than what I had anticipated. It turns out I'm still paying more than what I can comfortably afford. My mistake, I should have walked away. That is problem #1. Problem #2 is I've found a lot of little things about the truck that are wrong. Cracked bumper, pry marks on the inner hood structure, a smell coming from the carpets that is foul. Even if the price wasn't an issue, this is enough to make me second guess keeping the car.

So far all I've signed is the buyers order and the temporary tag form.

What would be the best way of going about getting rid of this and getting my old car back, or is that something I can even do? For what it's worth, I was treated very well at this dealership (I didn't think I'd ever say that) and I do want to treat them with the same respect. Also, what am I responsible for financially? I plan to at least return the car with as much fuel as the gave me, and I'm willing to pay for the miles I drove if necessary.

Thanks for any advice!

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    You should have taken time to find these things before you made the deal. It sounds as though everything is done and you now own a truck. You can try to back out but I suspect the financing is already in place. If that is the case there is no unwinding the deal.

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    Sounds like you've got a bit of buyers remorse. Coming from an ex-car salesman, if the deal isn't final, you can call it off. They will use every-single-trick in the book, every line, every reason to change your mind and keep it. They may infact come down further in price if it means you will keep it. But if you're absolutely sure you want to bring it back, go in with the mindset that no matter what they say, you're not keeping that car.

    What they did was "puppy dog" the car out to you. Ideally what they want you to do is take the car, drive around in it, admire it inside your garage, fall in love with it and come back and finish the paper work.

    And as far as the little stuff that is wrong with the car.. it's a used car. You can't expect a new car when you buy a used car because they are not new, and if they were, they would be on a different lot and twice the price.

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    If you have not signed the finance contract then it is not a deal. You have not been contracted yet so you can still change your mind. LIke the ex sales person said they will even cut the price to save the deal if they can. It's up to you.

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