Are you a libertarian or do you support murder, theft, vandalism, and / or fraud?

And yes they are mutually exclusive. Try and debate otherwise.


and I should also add slavery to that list.

Update 2:

They are mutually exclusive because a libertarian means simply to believe in the non-aggression principle. If you are not a libertarian, then logically speaking, you are not for the non-aggression principle, which means you support one or more of those things I have listed, even if you delegate those actions to government.

Update 3:

It is not a false dichotomy. If you are against those things, LOGICALLY, YOU MUST BE A LIBERTARIAN. Whats so hard to understand....

Update 4:

Wrong Iris- It is government that creates a ruling class. When have you seen this libertarian society you speak of?

Update 5:

you folks come in here telling me that its not that simple, but it really is. That's the sad thing. No one has yet to refute what I am saying. Just ad hominems.

Update 6:

annie- libertarians dont support drugs, the support the decriminalization of drugs, which would get rid of most of the murder you speak of. Remember how much more violence there was during the prohibition. Well same thing now with the drug wars. If it were legal it would not be sold by outlaws and there would be less gangs.

Update 7:

Dickens was a socialist,his depiction was a joke, and you mean to tell me that ENGLAND Was libertarian? LOL. You really don't know what you are talking about. They were about as mercantilist as it gets. You need to be more learned before you try and debate me. Seriously.

Update 8:

You are referring to hard times, which I have read, and it is quite a joke. You stick to your fascist government, I will stick to self government. Also don't forget that England at the time, was better off than 99% of the world. We didnt have the technology we had then. Of course conditions were worse. You really dont understand libertarianism if you think it would result in what we have now, a plutocracy. The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and all the other wealthy banking families already run everything. How much worse could it get?

Update 9:

Dont bring up the new deal. It worsened the depression. Go look at the depression of 21 to see what government should have done. It was a steeper decline than in 29 but it was over in 1 year because of the lack of government intervention. The 29 crash lingered because of all the interventions in the economy by Hoover and Roosevelt. But please, show me how little you know by saying Hoover was Laissez-faire so that I can officially stop talking to you.

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    Zen, do you have a Mises forums account or YM? I wanna add you up. I remember it was through reading your posts here that pushed me in the right direction intellectually.

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    1 decade ago

    Oh goodie. Another "do you think exactly like me so you are perfect like me, or are you evil" question. Just what we needed. Not.

    I was a Libertarian for over a dozen years till I finally wised up and learned what a real Libertarian society looks like. You have a huge poor class, and a tiny middle class, and a tiny rich class. That is not what I want for my country. Wise up.

    Wrong yourself Zenmeist -- England, as described in Charles Dickens writing is the closest we've seen to a true Libertarian society in memorable history. Study up on it. And I spent years arguing with some of the best Libertarians out there, so don't think I'm a bit ignorant on this subject; I'm not. Seriously, look into it more. Ask then who will care for the poor and they say charities. When the New Deal was put in we had much more charity participation (more like Elks, etc, and more church attendance) than we do now, but that charity was STILL not enough. Now with our jobs shipped off, it's even worse. You would have streets littered with starving children if you had pure Libertarianism here. There are a lot of things Libertarians are right about, but the economy isn't one of them.

    @Annie - please read what Harry Browne says about drugs; he's right.


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    Zenmeister!!! Dude, I was just wondering where you were! Soo good to see you back. In terms of your question...hmmm, given the choice, no offense, but I think I'm going with murder, theft, vandalism & fraud. I've decide to stop fretting about the NWO and the assault of our freedoms by Big Brother and just jump in whole hog. I want my cut of the booty and am planning to get one of those CFR cards that exempts me from the police state. Besides they really don't want to see me sleeping 18 hours a day on their nickel. This jaded cat is tired of being a loooser & wants to be a winnner. Get with the winning team dude and start lining your pockets with dough. That's what this cat's doing. Hope to see you at the Bohemian Grove. Please don't pee on the plants or shake Dubya's hand. I hear he doesn't wash them after he does his biz.

    Sir Poops Alot,

    the cat formerly known as Zee

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    That's right.

    The Libertarian Party! "We Won't Vandalize You!"

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    1 decade ago

    There is nothing quite as silly and asinine as people who think their political beliefs embody everything that is good and holy, while all others are evildoers.

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    libertarians support drugs and it's use which also leads to murder, theft, vandalism and people with burned out brains.

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    It would make you feel better if the world were that black and white, wouldn't it. You wouldn't have to thing about the issues at all then.

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    LOL! False dichotomy.

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    How are they mutually exclusive?

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