What all happened in season 3 of Gossip Girl?

A full summary please.

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    Gossip Girl's third season premiere aired on the CW on September 14, 2009. The cast began filming on June 29, 2009 in New York City for a 22 episode season. Hilary Duff joined the show for a multi-episode guest arc in this season as Olivia Burke, a famous movie star who wants a normal college experience, and eventually starts dating Dan Humphrey. [10]

    Joanna García also joined the show for the first four episodes as Bree Buckley, an "evil Miss America" type from the Archibalds' rival family – she served as a love interest for Nate, until he found out she was just using him to get back at her cousin's fiancé Carter Baizen.[11] America's Next Top Model creator Tyra Banks appeared in the fourth episode as Ursula Nyquist, a larger than life actress, for whom Serena Van Der Woodsen temporarily works as a publicist. Also appearing in this episode was Sonya Harum, an up and coming actress, and designers Tory Burch and Georgina Chapman.[12] Also, Gina Torres got a recurring role as Vanessa's mother, Gabriela Abrams.[13]

    Music group Sonic Youth made a guest appearance in the season's fifth episode, "Rufus Getting Married", where they played an acoustic version of their song "Starpower" at Rufus and Lily's wedding.[14] The ninth episode of the season caused a significant amount of controversy. Parent groups urged the CW not to air the episode that contained a threesome. The preview for the episode revolved around an "OM3" theme. CW ignored these requests and announced that it was going to air the episode as planned.

    Caroline Lagerfelt also returned as Celia "CeCe" Rhodes (Lily's mother) in "The Treasure of Serena Madre" for Thanksgiving on the Upper East Side; causing a little trouble again between Lily & Rufus. Robert John Burke who played Chuck's father, Bart Bass, returned for A Christmas Carol themed episode in December, while Desmond Harrington will return to the show in spring, as Chuck's uncle, Jack Bass in episodes 15, 16 & 17.[15] Jack and Chuck's mother seem to have a deal about getting the hotel from Chuck after he had to give it away for public because of the rumors about some sex-affairs with his employees. Nate and Serena become a couple after a short affair from Serena with Trip, Nate's cousin, who also abandoned Serena in a damaged car after they had an accident. Dan and Vanessa finally get together, but first decided to keep it secret. Jenny and Damian, a drug-seller, break up before they share their first night together. Willa Holland, who played Jenny's model friend Agnes, confirmed on her Twitter account that she'll appear on Gossip Girl again.[16] Billy Baldwin has been cast as Dr. William van der Woodsen, Serena's and Eric's father, for the last four episodes of the season, starting in April.[17] Also, Laura Harring is guest-starring as Evelyn Bass (Chuck Bass' mother), but uses the alias Elizabeth Fisher, towards the end of the season.[18]

    This season focused hugely on Jenny Humphrey's development, her downward spiral seeming to mirror Serena's pre-series life. She does numerous unkind things in an attempt to stay on top and nearly always wins, but ends up empty; the one person she cares about and wants the affection of is Nate but he only wants Serena. The last two episodes see her trying to break up Rufus and Lily and Nate and Serena in an attempt to be happy, but Jenny soon sees that no one wants her. Alone and trying to escape from it all, she goes to see Nate at Nate and Chuck's apartment but finds Chuck there, heartbroken and drowning his sorrows after he believes Blair has fallen out of love with him forever. Two desperate, lonely people they turn to each other and sleep together, but this only destroys Jenny further.

    In the season finale, Jenny moves back to Hudson to stay with her mother after sleeping with Chuck as an attempt to feel loved by someone. Jenny tells Eric who convinces her to tell Dan. Blair and Chuck get together the night Jenny is there, but breakup again after discovering Chuck slept with Jenny. Blair and Serena fly to Paris for the summer, Georgina Sparks played by Michelle Trachtenberg comes back with a big surprise for Dan, claiming she is pregnant with his unborn child and Nate attempts to deal with his break-up from Serena in a very Chuck-like way. Most shockingly of all, in the final scene of the episode Chuck is walking along the ally, drunk and two muggers approach him. They found his ring that was supposed to be for Blair. They took the ring and Chuck fights back, but a gunshot sounds and the muggers run, and Chuck falls to the ground, closing his eyes, showing that he was the one who was shot.

    also if you go to gossip girl on wikipedia, there is a summary of each episode

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    recaps are available at their website under "episodes"


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