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What's the difference between being touched by a tragedy and being obsessed with it?

I was deeply touched by a tragedy that has deeply affected and changed my life.

I was not personally involved in the tragedy but wrote about it and met people because of it.

Now people are saying that I am "obsessed" with the tragedy. So I've removed anything to do with the tragedy from my room (pictures, articles, my diary entries).

I've made it so that if the police raid my room and computer and look for any signs that I was "obsessed" they won't find a thing!!!

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    Hi Jane Doe

    I'd say that being touched means that the tragedy 'moved' you emotionally to feel angry or sympathetic.

    If you are obsessed with it you think about it every day and several times in a day. That is close to idolatry so try not neglect God.

    P.S. If you are not a Christian, go to a church near you and I'm sure there'll be someone who'd love to tell you more about our great and mighty God :)



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    To be touched with a tragedy. My own dad died and I was very sad but no one said I was obsessed. if you are touched with a tragedy a tragedy has happened to you, and you deal with it the best way you can. To be obsessed with a tragedy is to let it control you and your life. To never let go of it sometimes you have to let go, not completely forget but to resolve it with yourself.

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