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If you could make a starting lineup with these players who would you pick......?

If you can make a starting lineup with the players below who would you pick

C: Al Horford or Jermaine O'Neal or R. Hibbert

PF: Carl Landry or JJ Hickson or David West

SF: Ariza or Hedo or N.Batum

SG: J.R Smith or Corey Brewer or Reddick

PG: Calderon or Chalmers or DJ Augustin

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    C: Al Horford

    PF: David West

    SF: Ariza

    SG: Reddick

    PG: Calderon

  • Boskey
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    Al Horford

    David West

    Trevor Ariza

    J.R. Smith

    Jose Calderon

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    commencing a franchise, i might p.c.. as many youthful stars as accessible. frequently, i might p.c.. Tim Duncan; yet, interior the long-term, i will choose somebody youthful. So i'm no longer even going p.c.. every person of their late 20's. PG - Brandon Roy (modern-day age: 23) SG - Dwyane Wade (26) SF - Lebron James (23) PF - Andrei Kirilenko (26) C - Dwight Howard (22) i do no longer probable even would desire to describe why I p.c.. Lebron and Dwight. yet i will clarify the others. i presumed approximately Chris Paul for the a million, yet then i found out that Wade, James, and Kirilenko can pass too. i do no longer particularly choose a passing factor look after, yet i will choose a participant who can carry the team at the same time. Roy fought with Zach Randolph because of the fact Randolph exchange into bitching interior the locker room. So Roy is the applicable guy to hold at the same time those celebrity egos. and verify out the Blazers now, Roy is holding them at the same time high quality; how is that accessible?!? Roy would be named team Captain. the reason I picked up Andrei Kirilenko is that he's the only participant interior the NBA perfect now who can pass 5 by way of 5. he's even had a 5x6! it particularly is particular. The final guy in the previous Andrei with a 5x5 (and 5x6) exchange into Hakeem Olajuwon. I even have reservations approximately Dwyane Wade. yet then who else is there? circulate Gilbert Arenas returned to 2? Caron Butler? nicely, Dwyane is the only with the hoop and Finals MVP... I ought to stay with Dwyane.

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    C- Al Horford

    PF- Carl Landry

    SF- Turkaglu

    SG- Smith

    PG- Calderon

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  • Anonymous
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    PG Jose Calderon

    SG J.R. Smith

    SF Trevor Ariza

    PF David West

    C Al Horford

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    C: Al Horford

    PF: David West

    SF: Trevor Ariza

    SG: J.R. Smith

    PG: Chalmers

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    PG: Chalmers because he can dribble shoot and set up the offense better then the other 2

    SG: J.R. Smith because he has an almost perfect inside out game

    SF: Hedo because when it comes to a big man shooter there is none better then him

    PF: David West because he can post and shoot when he needs to

    C: Since the teem is such a great shootng team you need O'Neal because he is not as great a shooter as Horford ut is a much more dominate inside presence.

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    C: Al Horford

    PF: JJ Hickson

    SF: Ariza

    SG: J.R Smith

    PG: Chalmers

  • Yeezus
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    PF: West

    SF: Hedo


    PG: Calderon

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    center - al horford

    power foward - david west

    small foward - hedo

    shooting guard

    jj reddick

    point guard - chalmers

    Source(s): ur mom
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