I'm writing a book and I can't find what I'm looking for, can anyone help?

I'm writing my first chapter book series. I love reading things such as twilight, cirque du freak (I did spell it right, it is french for circus of freaks.) And a few others similar to those. I have had thoughts of this book and I've been working real hard on it. There are a few things I want, (need also) to know before I can do anything more. How many chapter/pages should a chapter book have? My target is for teens and adults. Also who am I going to have to go to for publishing and editing when I decide to publish? It's a book similar to the general for twilight and other books to the same general. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


I have over 12 chapters I think. And it's over 100 pages long. I don't know how it happened. I think I have mini print or something. Haha. But it's supposed to be this huge series. I'll post up another question with some details about the book. Tell me what you guys think. Just look at my profile and in my questions. I'll have it posted up in about 5 minutes after this is posted.

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    At least you are positive and talking about publishing when the book is finished.

    Here is the reality. Once finished you should have at least 3 copies of the manuscript available and send it to 3 publishers. You might be lucky and get one interested first off. The actual happening will be that you will over an extended period send off your book to many publishers and they will be returned as a NO. You get what is called in the trade a rejection slip. As these pile up you will get disheartened but just keep going until you have exhausted all known publishers.

    If by some chance you do get an interest you will find that you will be assigned an editor and over perhaps a year you will virtually rewrite your book.

    As a last resort you can publish yourself which including a modest print run will cost around £20,000.

    However, I do wish you luck, you might just hit the right spot.

    Source(s): I have written two books and only the second one has been published. From reaching the end of the published book to getting it on the book shelves in shops took almost 2 years. So far sales have reached around 13000 in paperback after heavy discounting. My profit works out at about £2 per hour when adding in all the hours of work.
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    1.You should get the book read by someone you know who has an understanding of literature, this needs to be a teacher or perhaps a well-educated aquaintence. Most books will fail here as they are unreadable or boring

    2. Get the book read by as many people as you can - asking them to make notes

    3. Collate all the comments, disregard the worthless, and re-write your book

    4. Once you are happy, send the book for proof-reading. You will have to pay for this

    5. Once you have the book back, send a brief synopsis and the first chapter to all the publishers you can find

    6. Be prepared for lots of rejections. If you are not tenacious your writing career ends here.

    7. So, no publisher wants to take your book? Go to a self-publisher and they will print it (at a cost) for you

    8. Send your newly printed self-published book to all the publishers you can find.

    9. be prepared for lots of rejections. If you are not extremeley tenacious your writing career end here.

    No publishing deal? No offer? No advance against your next best-selling blockbuster?

    10. Try again. Different subject, different book, same process.

    11. Remember only 1-2% of unsolicited books will be published. Of these only a tiny fraction will make money. Tough? You bet. So, easier route

    a. Try short story publishing in newspapers or magazines - if you get published add to your manuscript

    b Try poetry - lots of places to demonstrate your poetry and listen to constructive critisism. Do not listen to sycophants who will acclaim your work in hope of a similar response for theirs.

    c. try children's books. Big market, not as 'difficult'

    Hope this helps - If you have any sense forget writing - if you haven't good luck!


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    You should definitely finish your book before you even think of publishing it. Get it edited, at the minimum, three to five times. (An author told me this). The amount of chapters? I'd say over twelve, depending on how long the book is..

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    I don't really know much about how to get a book published other than i would assume, contact publishers directly , tell them what you have see if they will take a look at it or something, get it copy written though so they don't steal it.

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    I have no idea about the publishing thing but there should be no set lengh. It can be as long, or short as you want it to. Just don't make it so long that it feels like it is dragging or to short that it is going to slow.

    Source(s): me reading books
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