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? asked in TravelCaribbeanDominican Republic · 1 decade ago

food poisoning in punta cana!?!?!?

so im going to punta cana soon staying at bavaro princess. and while looking at some of the review people say they got food poisoning or stomach acts and diaireah!! I so scared now!! so checked out other hotel in punta cana and they said the same food poisoning too!!! and i want to know what to do not to get sick and if it is certain food they makes you sick that you should not eat it!!! also i herd you should not drink there water, brush your teeth with it, or have the ice cubes b/c they dont have the same filter systems as us!!! and should i bring like Pepito bimsmo, tums and such and bring scope to wash my mouth with that will help kill germs.. please tell me all the tips and remedies i am such a worrierwart when it some to being sick and i dont want to be sick at all on the trip. anything you got can help please let me know thanks :) and they say to drink alot of water too right and hand ssanitizehand cconstantlyright??

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    1 decade ago
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    This is in 95% of the cases coming from the fact that tourist drink to much and to cold drinks at the numerous bars of the resorts. Because it is free so they drink way to much and don´t give their system the time to adapt to this new environment! A human being needs about 3 to 4 days to adapt, so wait before doing the same as many tourist do and then tell at home they had food poisoning.....

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Most times it's not food poisoning. What happens is, people end up drinking more than they are used to. and eating things that they normally don't eat at home. Of course this is going to do some nasty things to your system. Resorts are very careful to make sure everything is safe for the tourists. They can't afford to get a reputation of serving bad food or drinks. The ice at the resorts is made from filtered water. Only drink bottled water. Don't have drinks outside the resort that have ice, and don't drink the water from a tap.

    It is always good to carry hand sanitizer, even at home. You would be surprised at how many people don't wash their hands after using the toilet. This too can cause the same symptoms as food poisoning, called Norwalk, the same virus that you hear about on cruise ships.

    Do everything in moderation, and wash your hands frequently, and you should have a great time on your holiday.

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    I was on vacation there last month and had the same worries. I took a ton of meds with me just in case. The hotel staff and everyone who is from there say not to drink the tap water. So we didn't! When it came to food, we were sensible. If it tasted "funny" don't swallow it. I think alot of the online reviews start to freak you out and scare you. I even think the reviews were to ruin the reputation of the hotels. The best thing to do is be smart, don't overdo the alchie and food. Wash your hands often and the resort we stayed had plenty of hand sensitizers. So just relax and enjoy your vacation and be smart about what you eat, drink or touch!

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    It's not food poisoning. It's "traveler's diarrhea", the result of drinking/eating unfamiliar things. The water [and foods washed with the water] in foreign countries is "foreign" to your digestive system and you will therefore have a reaction to it. They say it's best to avoid the water unless you KNOW it's purified, as well as ice cubes, etc., as well as raw foods washed in the water [e.g. salad, fruit].

    Once you get hit with the "bug" the best thing for it is immodium, or the generic equivalent - much better than Tums, etc. Mouthwash will do nothing to help. Hand sanitizing is no guarantee, but it's not going to hurt anything either.

    BTW - Your question would be much easier to read if you used standard punctuation and spelling - and perhaps some paragraph spacing. I didn't read the entire question for this reason, but rather skimmed over it.

    Good luck on your trip.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Sounds like a case of food posioning to me. I had a pastrami sandwhich last night from a deli by the beach and was puking up 5 hours later until late into the night. Even a sip of water was coming back up. Ive had a headache all day and felt fatique. I do know food posioning could occur between 3-36 hours after you've eating. Hope your feel better.

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