Pokemon Soul Silver: IV and EV breeding for my Hapinny?

Okay, so I've bred a Hapinny with Roselia, the resulting offspring knowing the moves aromatherapy and toxic. However, I now want to breed it again in order to get a bold nature and HP and defense-favouring IVs. I've heard that giving power items to the parents can ensure that the chosen IVs are passed down to the offspring... therefore, if I gave a power belt to my Hapinny and a power weight to the Roselia or a ditto, would the resulting baby be a Hapinny guaranteed to have HP and defense IVs, whilst still knowing the moves aromatherapy and toxic? I'm quite new to the whole breeding concept in Pokemon, so any advice or confirmation would be most appreciated =]

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  • Lankey
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    10 years ago
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    in HG/SS this is the case. The baby will have the selected IVs from the parents aswell as the moves.

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  • 10 years ago

    the moves are passed on by the male species , so if it is a male roselia with the attacks you want to pass on , then the offspring is going to have them ...

    Source(s): i IV breed and ev tarin alot over 190 pokes i have breed and ev trained to ther max potential
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