fixing scratch on car?

My vechicle has scratch on body and back of side mirror, can you tell me what material I should buy from auto part or canadian tire, and also tell me the procesure of fixing scratch, I just like to have DIY fun. anyone has experience? help please and thank u so much.

BTW: I saw these information on my driver side door: color :trim trans; KV9 X RE4F03B, is this color code? how to find the stuff which matching this color ? thank u again.

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    hi in most cases if the scratch exceeds the clear coat it almost impossible to completely remove the scratch some things you can try is some 800-1500 grit automotive sand paper with some soapy water the soap act as a lubricant spray the area and sandpaper lightly (if you have a sanding block it makes life easier) and just lightly sand the scratch (DO NOT USE PRESSURE ) making sure to go with the scratch (in other words if it goes horizontal sand in that direction and vise-versa) then squeegee the area clean if you are satisfied with it you can put a buffing wheel with some wizards finish cut on it and a good 3M polish to remove the swirl marks the the buffer will make and finish off with a nice wizards shine master wax in many cases you can eliminate the first step by running your finger across the scratch if your nail catches in the scratch it is prob. deep enough to require the wet sanding if not you might be able to get away with just the buff polish and wax all these items could be found in an auto part store...what year and make is the vehicle i don't recognize that paint code but you should be able to take the car to a dealer and they can get the exact color mixed up for about 15 dollars if you need touch up if you are unsure about any of this i recommend taking it to a professional detail they will do everything i just said

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    Most auto paint supply stores can match your color for you and sell you some touchup paint. Easy to use and fairly cheap.

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