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is this a good breakfast for a body builder before gym at 6 AM?

* Soak 75g rolled oats in apple juice. Mix in 2tsp pumpkin seeds, 2tsp sunflower seeds and a handful of berries. Oats provide slow-digesting carbs that give you long-lasting energy, while the seeds are full of iron, which will improve the blood flow to working muscles.

Its what hugh jackman had.

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    It's pretty good, though ease off on the fats slightly - the fats will slow the digestion of the food; definitely not what you want before training as you'll have a stomach full of food sloshing around!

    Would also recommend dropping in at least 20g of a fast digesting protein like Whey to fire up synthesis - you've been starving your body of its basic building blocks all night whilst asleep and catabolism is kicking in. Research has shown that consuming a small dose of a fast digesting protein immediately upon waking up not only halts catabolism of muscle tissue, but it also reverses a fair amount of it.

    As for the iron in the seeds? It really won't make any noticeable difference to your blood flow in such a small amount/over such a small period of time - you'd be better off saving the calories from the seeds and using them post workout where less will be stored as fat.

    If you want to increase blood flow to the muscles and have a better pump, find a good nitric oxide supplement to take 30-45 minutes before you train - you'll look like the hulk afterward :)

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    Try mixing 2TBSP crunchy natural nut butter into you're hot oat's for more protein or add 1/4 cup nuts/ seed's aswell as a TBSP honey/ cinnamain/ nutmeg or brown sugar for flavour and a serving of fruit's such as dried fruits/ fresh or frozen berries/ canned fruits/ applesauce/ jam's- fruit preserve/ chopped- diced fruits: banana/ apples/ etc ..

    Hope i'v helped, goodluck!

    - Also have with 250mL/ 1 cup of milk for maxiumum protein and balancement.

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    sounds good to me buddy. You can also throw in a couple of slices of Whole meal toast with some eggs. Anything that is high in protein and carbs is good to pack on muscle.

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