donnie darko question?

could you explain the end? it just messed me up.

(also, what is the songat the end that goes like "and i find it kind of funny, i find it kind of sad, the dreams in which im diening are the best i ever had")

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    Firstly the song is a cover a version of an 80's "Tears for Fears" track called "Mad World". The Donnie Darko version is performed by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules. Michael Andrews wrote the whole soundtrack for the film but this particular song is more likely to filed under G for Gary Jules even though it was a collaboration.

    The story revolves around The Philosophy of Time Travel, the book by Grandma Death.

    The book mentions the following things:

    Tangent Universe = The alternate branch of time 28 days of the movie are set in

    The Artifact = The jet engine (the duplicate metal object that appears)

    Living Receiver = Donnie (He has to remove the Artifact from the Tangent Universe)

    Manipulated Dead = Frank (people who die within the Tangent Universe)

    The film is all about parallel Universes and Donnie's mission is to erase the one he is in safely before it collapses in on itself and destroys everything.

    Basically on Oct 2nd at midnight a Tangent Universe starts up. Several minutes after it starts a jet engine appears in Donnie's bedroom. Donnie is the Living Receiver and his mission is to remove the engine from the Tangent Universe so it can collapse safely.

    Anyone connected to Donnie who dies within the Tangent Universe becomes Manipulated Dead. These people can move through time and help the guide the Living Receiver... Frank is one of the Manipulated Dead, he gets Donnie to shoot him so he can move back in time and save him from the engine so he can complete his mission.

    All the people connected to Donnie in the Tangent Universe are the Manipulated Living. Coupled with the Manipulated Dead there mission is to set a trap for Donnie so he has no choice but to send the jet engine through a portal into the real world.

    In this instance Donnie is given someone to love and then she is killed which in turn drives him to kill Frank in revenge. Donnie is now a killer on the run and his girlfriend is dead. The only way out for him is to send the Artifact out of the Tangent Universe which will return us to the real world.

    Once he guides the engine through the portal we see the Tangent Universe unravel safely. The last 28 days are erased from history and the real world is restored at the exact time is stopped, midnight Oct 2nd. Donnie wakes up laughing having an amazing dream about saving the Universe... A few minutes later the engine he sent through the portal arrives and kills him.

    This is a really basic description of what happens, I wrote a detailed explanation here:

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    Basically through out the whole movie, terrible events happened to people because fred the guy in the costume suit, saved him and lured him out of his room and to a golf feild, before the airplane engine hit his room. But then at the end the engine killed donnie darko....and everyones safe.

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    He goes back to the beginning and decides to die so gretchen lives.

    Madworld is the song.

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    its called mad world by micheal andrews. the original is by tears for fears and i definetly reccommend you listen to it.

    dont listen to that guy below me, its micheal andrews :] trust me

    Source(s): i love that movie :]
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