libertarians, whats preventing you from being consistent?

Not all libertarians, but those that believe in such a thing as constitutional government. If you are a libertarian, you must be for the non-aggression principle. If you are firmly for it, then you must firmly be against The State because the State must necessarily aggress. Even in the case that it does collect taxes voluntarily, it must aggress to establish its monopoly over the justice system and defense. It took me a long while to come around to anarcho-capitalism, but reading "For a New Liberty", by Mr Libertarian, Murray Rothbard changed that for me. I'm sure most of you will eventually make the conversion, but if you haven't yet, why are you still a small government pinko?

BTW if you wanna read for a new liberty you can find it here


harlequin- its called private defense agencies. Im sure you can imagine them. Its called private courts. Im sure you can imagine that too right? Both common and merchant law were private long before they were public.

Update 2:

And you are right, you need government for anarchy to work.

I am not against government. I am against the state. they are two different things.

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    Honestly Zenmeister I don't understand the difference between government and The State. Are you referring to the difference between state & federal government? I should probably educate myself better & read the book you suggest. If you're a troll, you're the most educated thought provoking one and I say troll away my good man.

    After watching Presidents from both major parties screw things up and implement many of the same disastrous policies, I've come to the conclusion that big government is the problem. Without a big government and its cohorts the war machine and a politicized bench, we could not have the assaults on our freedoms via FISA & Patriot Acts or wars bleeding our resources, not to mention the legislation our government enacts to help big business. Even the so-called healthcare reform was really an insurance industry bail out thru coercion. Then of course there is the Federal Reserve and it's disastrous financial policies that both enable us to live far beyond our means and that deflates the value of the dollar by pumping out more and nixes our savings. It's really control thru debt.

    That said I do have some reservations about libertarianism. I think the primary one is the viability of the plan. It's very hard, nearly impossible, to be a libertarian politician and work within a corrupt political system although Ron Paul has been a stalwart defender and his criticisms do not fall on death ears. I think it would take a revolution to bring about the change we need. And we need a revolution.

    Secondly, and on a more practical level, Rand Paul did himself no favors stumbling over the issue of civil rights. I think the libertarian party is exceptionally white and that its challenge will be to move beyond the demographics and to woo more people. Anyway, just my take. He's young and his father had a whole career to refine his message and learn how to handle the press.



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    "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen, philosophers and divines." Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Liberty is a wonderful concept. However, if you follow any concept to its logical conclusion, you will reach an illogical result. The difficulty with anarcho-capitalism is that it requires everyone to agree and play by the same rules -- the ultimate social contract. What happens if someone breaches the contract and uses force? Who stops that person? Well, all the anarchists can get together to stop the person breaching the social contract. What is it called when all the anarchists get together? It is called government. Ooops! If there is no government, there can be no anarchy.

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    Are you a real libertarian, or a ROYAL libertarian?

  • Most seem to love the false security the state provides. They have been hoodwinked.

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    Bet you stay up all night thinking ...

    "Can Jesus build a rock so big he can't lift it?"


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