Why is second-hand smoke sinful, but it's ok for people who bathe in perfume to diffuse carcinogens all day?

Update 2:

Studies regarding the carcinogenic content of perfumes, colognes, shampoos, air-freshener, scented products, deodorants, etc., is sorely lacking, but has been attracting more attention from researchers.

It seems reasonable to me, looking at the contents of these products (some of which are known to be harmful chemicals), to be wary about the possibility that they could be cancer-causing.

Long-term and definitive research is not available, so I can't say I KNOW they cause cancer, but I'm willing to bet it won't be too long before we have a solid answer.

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    If you're planning on making an inaccurate sleight against the fragrance industry you can at least source your information to at least ONE credible source instead of a website that panders to alarmists while trying to push their "all natural health products" all over the site. This isn't so much an issue of whether or not fragrances are dangerous as it is an issue of consumers not knowing which sources are credible or not and just trusting whatever website looks and sounds good that they happen to find first. Your linked website, and specifically that article has several issues with it:

    - It quotes one credible researcher but fails to directly quote him, or provide evidence that this man actually said any of these things. They insist he says them, so let's look at a few other reasons why this site and this article has a credibility problem,

    - They say that people stink because of their "horrible" diets. While it is true that you will sometimes start to smell like what you eat, it is not true that just because you smell a certain way that you have a terrible diet. And don't you think it's a little ignorant and offensive that this website is alleging people who might have an odor problem are terrible people who have terrible diets?

    - The site claims that the cosmetics industry is hiding things from consumers when in fact, cosmetics is regulated by several government and private bodies that conducts vigorous tests on their stuff all the time. Fragrances are regulated very strictly by one major body called IFRA which imposes restrictions and does research all the time into the safe use of both synthetic and natural fragrance components. All of this research is readily available online but consumers don't want to read this research because most of it is "boring". Perfume manufacturers aren't some rogue agents walking around doing whatever they want, despite what your natural product peddling website wants you to think.

    - The site links to two websites at the bottom for "more information". Both of these are alarmist interest groups that are also pushing their personal agendas. I would hardly call Greenpeace an unbiased source for information, would you?

    - The article is written in a sensationalist tone of voice and has several grammar mistakes, telling me that some amateur wrote this up with an agenda in mind and didn't bother to do any rigorous research or background checking before they did. Because if they did do some research, they'd soon discover that their initial assumptions about the evil perfumes they have to breathe in are wrong and then they won't have an article to write anymore.

    - The article insists that fragrance chemicals are bad while essential oils are good. They fail to mention the one major issue with essential oils is that the essential oils industry and natural health industries have some of the poorest regulatory standards at the moment. For instance, sassafras oil is freely available and sold online, some natural products even use sassafras oil in them. Sassafras oil has actually been banned in the UK and has been banned in mainstream fragrances by IFRA because it is a known carcinogen as well as a known poison. Why then, is the essential oil industry still selling this stuff to people? Similar dangers can be said about all citrus oils, wormwood, and pennyroyal. Where are the warning labels on these essential oils? And who is regulating the production and distribution of this stuff?

    Now that I've ranted to a point where no one in their right mind would read this and any hope that I'd get best answer is gone, let me insist that you look beyond the surface the next time you research an issue like this because your willingness to believe these alarmist groups is helping to propagate one of the biggest, most annoying misunderstandings in recent history. You can check my sources below for unbiased research or information that backs up what I've said.

    Next time read some actual scientific papers or a recognized unbiased regulatory agency's paper regarding these issues instead of trusting the first website you come across that "sounds about right". Here's some tips:

    1) Is the site trying to sell you something that it claims is better than whatever it's trying to trash? If it is, then it's probably got a biased agenda.

    2) Does the site actually link to more than one scientific article and back up what it's saying by pulling direct quotes or does it sound like the person is just paraphrasing something they may have heard?

    3) Is this site backed by a trusted regulatory agency or an interest group?

    4) Is the tone of this website sensationalist or does it sound professional and straight forward?

    5) Is some of this stuff a little too crazy to be real?

    Source(s): Essential oil usage and dangers: http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/cam/aromath... IFRA Library which lists some restricted and prohibited fragrance compound as well as news regarding fragrance safety and testing: http://www.ifraorg.org/public/index_ps/parentid/1/... Recent restrictions by IFRA to show that they ARE actively regulating the industry: http://www.perfumerflavorist.com/fragrance/regulat... An alphabetized list of all approved fragrance compounds used by fragrance producers who are members of IFRA (includes many, many, many perfume houses and producers): http://www.ifraorg.org/public/index_ps/parentid/1/... A list of banned or restricted essential oils by IFRA and the reasons why in case you weren't convinced that the article doesn't know what it's talking about: http://www.essentialoils.co.za/banned-oils.htm
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    Second hand smoke is not "sinful". Its bad for the health of people around smokers. Its anti-social. Smokers can smoke and die if they want to but spare the others around them.

    Bathe in perfume ? Who bathes in perfume ? If it has been proven bad for people then yeah it should not be allowed.

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    Sin is an act against God and therefore only the Word of God can say what is sinful. He is a blasphemer who says that something which is not innumerated in Scripture is sinful - he has added to the Scriptures that which God has not said. Noone has power to attribute to God their own views of morality.


    -Romans 4:15 & 5:13

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    That's a load of ********, but I'm glad that they passed a law in the UK about not being able to smoke in a car with children inside.

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    The trial lawyers extorted billions from the tobacco lobby. Perhaps their wives wear perfume??

  • Megan
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    I believe so. For the safety of the innocent, you should probably refrain from smoking those things around non-candy smokers, and diabetics. It always sucks to see someone diagnosed with diabetes because of the bad habits of others.

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    I don't have the problem of holding my breath around ppl who wear too much perfume nearly as much as I do holding my breath for idiots who smoke cancer sticks.

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    I'm no fan of either smoke or excessive perfume, but to suggest that perfumes are carcinogens is a bit over the top. Please cite your source.

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    Since when does perfume have carcinogens?? I hate it when people douse themselves in that crap, too, but it doesn't give you cancer.

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    while we're whining - what about people with bad breath or body odor?

    i say nuke'em all...

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