Is there any way of getting thc without smoking?

I'm a long-time pot smoker and I was just wondering if there is any way of getting the thc from pot without actually smoking it. The thc calms me down and "normalizes" me, but I don't like that burning sensation of the smoke in my lungs. I heard that there was a pill or something of pure thc, but I can't find any documentation about it.

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    VAPORIZER is the number one choice in my book. They can be spendy but they are worth it. I shelled out for the best one, a Volcano Vaporizer (look it up).

    It's not smoke(its vapor) and it doesn't burn.

    Yes there is a pill it is called Marinol but it's only prescribed to people with aneorexia and nasea. Plus it's only got THC and there are 60+ other active chemicals in the pot that make you feel the way you want to feel.

    You can also make edibles, but they give you more of a body high.(and are better for relieving pain).

    You can look up ways to do this on the internet, but how I do it and in works great is to take a pound of butter, melt it in a saucepan, then add 1/4-1 ounce of pot(depending on potency and how strong you want it) to the butter. Simmer and stir occaisionally for about 30 minutes. Strain off the pot with a cheesecloth. You can cool the butter and use it like normal butter in anything you want to make or bake, even spread it on toast. It makes whatever you put it in have a nutty sort of flavor and its yummy.

    It is not true that you can just eat the pot. THC and most other compounds in the plant are heat activated. that is why when you smoke or vape it you get high. When you make the butter you are heating it up and the compounds bind to the fat in the butter. People who say they got high off eating it straight only had a psychosomatic effect, or possibly got a slight buzz from some of the compounds that don;t require heat.

    Good luck

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    there is a pill called marinol and it is basically synthetic thc and for the most part prescribed by oncologists for treating nausea and pain due to chemotherapy or for aids patients who have a lack of appetite and severe wasting weight loss (anorexia/cachexia) and has similar side effects that natural marijuana has, however without some of the benefits like it lacks cbd (an anticonvulsant cannabinoid found in natural thc and can treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis) and also cbc (an anti inflammatory cannabinoid used to treat pain) just to name a couple.. natural marijuana has over 60 cannabinoids in it..... marinol takes about an hour to take effect as oppose to the few minutes vaporized marijuana takes.. also marinol patients often complain of a too intense intoxication and a more acute psychedelic effect than natural cannabis... also there have been studies about the effects of pure thc with out other cannabinoids as well as the synthetic thc and for the most part the thc (synthetic or not) produces a bad feeling high with feelings of paranoia, and anxiety while under the "thc condition" the other cannabinoids found in cannabis moderate the effects of the cannabinoid thc and help produce a more giggly laughing fun euphoric type of high

    if you don't want to smoke the stuff you could just make thc butter and bake with it, it is a different type of high and does not have as severe high symptoms (for example when i ate pot brownies i did not get the munchies, or feel lazy) also the dose of the pot is more slowly and steadily released into the system over time as opposed to smoking the stuff and it hits you all at once....


    Source(s): former pothead, the marinol info comes from a friend who was on the stuff for breast cancer as well as wikipedia... i saw a documentary on the study and cannot think of what it was called i believe this is a clip from it and it was on bbc
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    Make edibles with cannabutter!

    DONT LISTEN TO THE PERSON that said eat the weed... This is a waste of weed and will take a LOT more to get not as high... To be transfered into the form that gets you high, THC needs to be decarboxylated which is done by heat. When you smoke, it decorboxylates when you burn the weed.

    In order to activate the THC into it's useable form, you must heat it up and have it absorbed into something your stomach can digest easily. In this case you will be making butter, and the THC will be absorbed into the FAT in the butter.

    Follow specific instructions to make Cannabutter, and then make a sweet of your choice.

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    Eat it. No serioulsy. I've taken a huge bud of weed and just ate it. It didn't taste awful, but thats just my opinion. Many think its great. My high was alot more intense then just smoking it. People will never know also, as there is no smell. You can bake it into brownies too. But I dont, as I dont serve them to people and I dont mind munching on the green.

    Source(s): I used to eat it all the time when I lived with my mom and I didnt want her to smell the smoke.
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