Car that hasn't been started in 7 months?

I drive a Volvo S60. I had to go out of town last year due to a family emergency and thought I would be back within 3 weeks…instead, I returned to the country about 7 months later. In that whole time, my car sat outside on the driveway without anyone starting it or driving it. Now that I’ve returned, I tried turning it on and the battery is dead. Does anyone have feedback on whether I can expect other problems with the car other than the dead-battery since it hasn’t been started in 7 months?

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  • 10 years ago
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    You shouldn't encounter any other problems with your car.

    You may notice a little bumpy ride right at first due to the tires being in one spot for so long. They tend to get flat spots when setting for long periods.

    They will smooth out after a short period of time.

    Add a bottle of STP octane booster to your fuel tank.

    Source(s): Retired Auto Parts Retailer/Mechanic, 40 years.
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  • Dan
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    10 years ago

    Other than charging the battery you should be ok.When you 1st start it don't rev the engine let it idle at 1st to let the oil start circulating.You'll probably have to put air in the tires.They've probably lost some pressure from sitting so long.The 1st time you fuel up I'd recommend putting some fuel conditioner or dry gas in the tank to help remove any condensation that may have built up in the fuel system.

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  • gary o
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    10 years ago

    auto zone or similar can test and or recharge your battery for free. You may have to drain gas or add a lot of new gas to get to run properly. Change oil and check all tire pressures. may have to change fuel filter after it runs for a day or so.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The tires may be dry rotted and gunk could have built up in the gas tank. I would take it to a technician and ask them to check it out just to be safe.

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