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Can someone please help me with the p90x Nutrition Plan?


I am 18 years old and I just got p90x. I am an athlete in pretty good condition but I am looking to advance my fitness levels. How long should I spend on the fat shredder phase? I am confused on where to start my workout and how long each phase should go for. Also, I am not a very good cook and do not have a lot of money to spend on food. Any recommendations or tips that have worked for people? I want to eat healthy, follow the meal plan but I do not want complex meals that I cannot make on my own or spend a lot of $ on meals. Any advice or detailed tips regarding where to start/how to prepare meals would be awesome!!

Thanks so much.


Also, I do not want to eat the same thing every day or every week so examples of how meal plans vary would be awesome.

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    Read the nutrition guide more carefully then. You shouldn't spend any longer on the fat shredder phase than you have to, which is about a month. If you want variety in your meals I believe the nutrition guide also has sample meal plans with plenty of variety.

    P90X is 90 days long. Each phase lasts 4 weeks (including recovery week). The nutrition phases are also one month each.

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