how would I get my hands to play independently when playing with both hands?

So I have no problem playing piano when the bass and treble are in harmony, but I am trying to learn Shostakovich's Jazz suite #2, which is a waltz, and I can do either the melody or the waltz bass, but when I try playing both, it falls apart rather quickly. Any suggestions on how to tackle this problem?

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    First of all, you're totally normal.

    Yes, practice the left hand alone a LOT.

    When you put both hands together, go very slowly. Find the metronome marking for that. After you're comfortable with that tempo, still use that tempo one or two more times.

    Then increase the metronome speed by ONE NOTCH.

    Just keep doing that. It works.

    Don't get mad at yourself if you miss something. Just back up and fix it!

    When you've increased the metronome a few times in the same practice session, give it a rest. Write down the last metronome marking you used ~ in a practice journal (I just use a small notebook).

    The next day, start a couple of notches BELOW your fastest tempo, then increase a little bit at a time again.

    Writing the numbers in a notebook gives you some perspective after a few days. Also, if you write on the music, then change the number several times, the erasures will make a hole in the paper!

    It seems tedious to work this way, but it definitely saves a TON of anxiety in the long run.

    Good luck!

    Think good thoughts. : )


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    Take two bars, play these bars RIDICULOUSLY slowly so that you can play it. Repeat those 2 bars very slowly 5 times, then move up the tempo A BIT. When you learned those two bars, move onto the next two bars. when you completed those two bars repeat everything. This takes time and patience but its a guaranteed way to learn something and over come problems. Next time pick some etudes by cherney to practice independence. This method is long and grueling, but no one ever said music is easy. Best of luck.

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  • You just have to keep practicing over and over again. Practice the left hand until you can play it very fluently and naturally, then come in with the right hand. Good luck :P

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    Hi Zenmeister. I don't have any wisdom to share but I applaud your good taste. Shostakovich's cello concerto is one of my favorites. Hope all is well.


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