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What is the food like in Taiwan?

I read about Taiwanese cuisine on Wikipedia, but I still had questions. Does Taiwan serve any traditional Chinese food? Also, do they serve any "Western-style" food (hamburgers, pasta, that type of food)?

Their food all sounded very different from anything I've ever heard of, and I'm kind of a picky eater, so this is very important.

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    There is no big difference between traditional Chinese food or Taiwanese food. Usually Taiwanese food is lighter, less spicy or salty. Most of the time, people only classify famous traditional Taiwanese small dishes or finger food under "Taiwanese Food" Otherwise, Chinese food, Taiwanese food, they are basicaly the same thing. For example, orange chicken is usually classified as a "Chinese food" but it is also a common dish in Taiwan. Another example, popcorn chicken or boba milk tea are usually classified as a "Taiwanese food" since they are original first created in Taiwan but they are also popular in China.

    Taiwan does serve all kinds of western style food (hamburgers, pasta, anything you can think of). As everyone said, Taiwan does has McDonald's, KFC and Burger King. Believe it or not, Taiwan even has Chili's and Lawry's at its capital- Taipei. Of course, Pizza Hut and Domino's could be other option for you.

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    well ya you can eat burgers and pasta in Taiwan, if that's what you really want. But you would really be missing out a lot of good food if you only stick to those kinds. Basically, do you like Chinese food? if you have no problem with most of the Asian cuisines then you should definitely give a try at the Taiwanese restaurants. Just don't get scared off by the names! A lot of times Chinese dishes have lousy translations from their Chinese when you read it in English it sounds awful

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    The food here has a great variety, is delicious, and is mostly quite healthy. Most food has Taiwanese/Chinese foundations. However, there is also an element of aboriginal dishes here which is not found in Chinese cuisine; most of these feature the preparation of indigenous plants.

    I am an American-Taiwanese living in a small city, yet I've found Western-style restaurants aplenty (not just KFC and Micky-D's), including steak houses, Italian cuisine, pizzerias, and German, in addition to others such as Turkish, Vietnamese, and Thai.

    I've been living here 5 years, and am likewise a picky eater, but I'm gaining a few pounds with each passing year.

    Pay no attention to Cooper. Unless he has an incredible nose, he couldn't possibly smell someone living in Taiwan from where he is. It's just one of his typical insults. The "cheese smell" he is referring to may be coming from the socks on his feet which are well-overdue for a change. Gotta admire the guy's imagination though.

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    Of course they have Western Style food. Taiwan is actually a pretty advanced city so they have KFCs, McDonalds, Burger King, etc.

    They serve Taiwanese food in pretty much all of their dishes excluding the western food expansions there. Taiwanese food is really similair to that of Chinese food, but only a little difference in taste and preparation. If you're a picky eater and want to choose your own food, you are able to go to supermarkets that might have some western brands that you may like.

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    Taiwan serves traditional Chinese food, "Western-style" food, and almost all other types of food. There is hardly an eater that comes to Taiwan but is satisfied. Good food and good price!

    "In Taiwan, where it seems the people live to eat, it is said that there is a snack shop every three steps and a restaurant every five. These establishments serve all kinds of Chinese food, from the roast duck, smoked chicken, lamb hotpot, fish in wine sauce, beef with green peppers, and scallop and turnip balls of the north to the camphor-tea duck, salty fried chicken with spices, honey ham, stir-fried shrimp, dry-fried eggplant, and spicy bean curd of the south. As the island's economy has developed rapidly in recent years, its culinary culture has expanded beyond the traditional Chinese foods to Chinese-style fast-food chains, thus bringing greater complexity than ever before to the art of Chinese dining. Foreign foods from all over the world have also made their appearance in Taiwan, and the island is now filled with eateries serving American hamburgers, Italian pizza, Japanese sashimi, German pig's knuckles, Swiss fondue, and just about everything else. All of this makes Taiwan a veritable paradise for gourmands. Taiwan's own native cuisine has also become known around the world, and if you try it just once you will remember it forever."

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    I lived in Taiwan for few years and liked the food there. The western food wasn't like the western food in the UK, but it was nice.

    My dad is Taiwanese, and I found Cooper's article is extremely annoying! Taiwan IS NOT part of China- only brain-washed Chinese people and ignorant people think so.

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    Food in Taiwan is different from China. Taiwanese cuisine offers traditional and modern Chinese food. They also have western foods such as hamburgers, pizza, and those type of food.

    Food in China offers vast specialties and unique foods. In fact, a reliable source called Yahoo, reports how a cook in China prepares a rat dish.

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    Other than the fast food mentioned,you can get pretty good fare at these coffee house chain joints:

    Coffee Houses:

    Cha For Tea :

    Taiwanese local food is Delish.

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    Western style? You mean Taiwan McDonalds, of course they have that, but it might taste like snake.

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