What are the hidden trophies in the video game "Little Big Planet"?

I want to get as many trophies as possible, but finding the hidden ones is next to impossible. I unlocked "Sackbird" but I don't know what the other ones are. Anyone know? Thanks.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Additionally, there are four secret trophies:

    Trendsetter (Bronze): Place a sticker or a decoration on another player's sackperson.

    Cranium Collector (Bronze): Kill 100 Creatures across all levels.

    Secret Stickerist (Bronze): Unlock the race in First Steps.

    Sackbird (Bronze): Spend 8 seconds or more in the air.

    The following trophies require the "Metal Gear Solid Premium Level Pack" bonus downloadable content:

    Ace Act 3 and Act 4 (Bronze): Ace Act 3: The Mission and Act 4: The Level Factory.

    Ace Act 5: The Boss (Bronze): Ace Act 5: The Boss.

    Diamond Hunter (Bronze): Destroy the 5 hidden target diamonds in Act:4 The Level Factory.

    METAL GEAR SOLID Booty Master (Bronze): Collect all of the Metal Gear Solid prize bubbles.

    Paint Sharer (Bronze): Publish a level containing the Metal Gear Solid Paintinator Powerup.

    Paint Splurge (Bronze): Fire 5,000 paintballs.

    QuickFire Artiste (Bronze): Fire 40 paintballs in 5 seconds.

    Rexecutioner (Bronze): Destroy the Metal Gear REX boss.

    Speedy Rexecutioner (Silver): Destroy the Metal Gear REX boss in under 2 mins 30 seconds.

    Thrifty Painter (Bronze): Complete Act 3: The Mission firing less than 125 paintballs.

    Virtual Survivor (Silver): Achieve a score of 3,750 in the VR Survival Challenge.

    The following trophies require the "Pirates Of The Caribbean Level Pack" bonus downloadable content:

    Ace Cursed Bay (Bronze): Ace Cursed Bay.

    Ace Pirate Town (Bronze): Ace Pirate Town.

    Ace Port Royal (Bronze): Ace Port Royal.

    Ace The Frigate (Bronze): Ace The Frigate.

    Ace The Kraken!!! (Bronze): Ace The Kraken!!!

    Beast Slayer (Bronze): Destroy the KRAKEN Boss.

    HMS Interceptor (Silver): Complete the race in Cursed Bay with at least 4000 Points left on the clock.

    Pirates Of The Caribbean Booty Master (Bronze): Collect all of the Pirates Of The Caribbean Prize Bubbles.

    Salty Dog (Bronze): Complete 20 Community Levels that use Water.

    The Bends (Silver): Achieve a score of 7000 in the Diving for Treasure Survival Challenge.

    Tributary (Bronze): Publish a Level Using Water.

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