where to buy the cheapest gps?


I am deciding to buy a gps and i was wondering where i could get the chepeast gps system for the car and the price should be less than $70. Thanks

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    The number of portable navigation systems on the market today is overwhelming, and recently, these navigation aids have started to take off. This is because the devices have become easier to use (most models today require little setup and are just plug and go like my newelectronx primo gps), and the prices have come down quite a bit. I remember paying $130 for my newelectronx GPS hand held receiver about a year ago or so.

    So how do you choose the right one for you? While text- and voice-guided directions and a points-of-interest database are pretty standard nowadays, you should keep a few key factors in mind. First, look at what types of maps are included. You'll want a model with street-level maps; also ask yourself whether you'll be using the GPS device just in your home state, nationwide, or beyond our borders. Some systems come with regional maps only, while others include all of North America, so plan accordingly, because some companies like garmin, tomtom, Magellan, etc charge for map updates. Map updates can cost anywhere from $50 to $99 per map and per update.

    Another important feature is the display. You'll probably want to go into the store to check out this aspect; look for a color screen that you can see in all lighting conditions and angles. Also, if it's a touch screen, test it out to make sure it's responsive and the menus are easy to navigate and understand. Take a look at what kinds of accessories are included in the box, and at the very least, get a charger and some kind of mounting device for your car. I would be remised to mention the screen size. Try to stay away from anything that is not at least 5 inches. You don’t want to stress your eyes or get into an accident trying to see where you are going. (wink)

    These are just the basics, but as more portable nav systems infiltrate the market, GPS manufacturers are incorporating more advanced features, such as traffic services, text-to-speech functionality, and multimedia functionality, to differentiate themselves from the competition. The newelectronx primo version is highly packed with features that will never let you down. Like free map updates, which is worth its weight in gold. MP3 Player, truck lorry, geocaching, where am i, longitude / latitude locater and finder, bluetooth, rear video camera, radar detector, Flash Player, 16GB of memory for music, movies, videos, pictures, etc.

    If you're just looking for a basic model to help you get from point A to point B or if you want the latest and greatest, take a look at this buying guide or more information and buying advice.

    Check out this GPS buying guide:


    hope it helps you out.

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    I checked on Amazon under vehicle GPS and I found a few Garmin brand GPS for around $75 but those are factory refurbished models. If you would prefer a new GPS, you would have to spend atleast $85 for a Magellan Roadmate.There are also used models being sold by other people for under $70 . but i would contact the seller to find out the condition of the device before buying a used one.

    I have posted the Amazon link to the factory refurbished model and the $85 new Magellan GPS on my blog http://bunch-of-lists.blogspot.com/ .I have posted the links under blog post "GPS Devices"

    Please copy & paste my blog address into another browser as i cannot post links on Yahoo Answers.

    I hope I helped and thank you for visiting my blog.

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