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lost canadian citizenship how to get a replacement.?

Ok so I lost my canadian citizenship. All I have for ID is a health card and my social insurance number. How would I get my citizenship back with this little bit of idetification?

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    Did you lose your in you left the country for a while when you were a perminant resident and your RP status was revoked OR did you just lose your citizenship card?

    If you lost your claim to PR then you need to start the process right from the very beginning again.

    If you lost your card then you need to apply for a replacement one. You can find the info on how to do that here:

    We had to do this for my daughter when my wife had her purse stolen and it took about 11 months to get it processed and get the replacement card. It's NOT a quick process. They tell you on the site to allow for 6 months for them to receive your application and get it into the system and then 3 months or more to process it. IF there is anything missing from your replacement application then they will let you know after the initial 6 months period and you will need to send them what is missing which could take yet another 6 months to get them into the system.

    Good luck

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